After a remodeling project is done, homeowners often feel a sense of deep satisfaction. They know they have the rooms they wanted. While seeing the project done can make people feel better, there are still things that people need to keep in mind going forward. Each room may be different but, in general, there are issues that all homeowners will confront as they continue to enjoy their homes. It helps to know exactly what was done to the home and how to keep the spaces there looking great as the owner continues to live in the space.

Register Your Warranties

Many new remodeling projects come with new items. For example, a project may include lots of new appliances. A home may have a remodel with a brand new refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and all other appliances. In that case, the owner should have a list of warranties that came with the project. The contractor on the project should be able to provide each client with a list of specific warranties that apply to their items. The homeowner should have all the originals. Each owner should note the details involved. In general, a warranty will need to be mailed in to the company within a certain time frame. Getting it in quickly is best.

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Protect Those Floors

A remodel project often involves installing new flooring. For example, the homeowner may have decided to put in all new wood floors in their dining room and living room. While such floors can be useful and easy to clean, they can also scratch. Preventing scratches and keeping the floors looking good is imperative. It’s a good idea to know how to accomplish this goal in the home. The owner should get in touch with their contractor directly. The contractor can offer many important suggestions about how to best care for their new flooring. For example, a contractor may suggest putting in small pads at the base of all their furnishings. Padding can help keep a couch from moving and marring the flooring. A contractor can also offer additional suggestions to the homeowner such as how to clean the floors all year round. Summer weather requires different care than the colder months in any area. We at Alair Homes Tri-Cities know the importance of keeping any new flooring in great shape.

Understand Maintenance Issues

The project may also have included the installation of new systems such as central air conditioning and heating. Many homeowners are not very familiar with the new systems. It helps to have detailed instructions from the contractor about how best to care for such machinery. For example, there may be filters that need to be cleaned and changed out in order to keep the machines running. The owner may also have other specifics about the new home that must be dealt with as they run it. A homeowner may need to be aware how to tune the machines. If the central air is too cold, they need to know how to turn it down so the house feels comfortable. If the heat isn’t flowing on a cold day it helps to know what model they have so they can speak with a rep at the company that installed it and help them determine what needs to be done to fully fix it.