Alair Homes Tri-Cities has helped many families bring their dreams to life with the help of our expert builders. Our team of contractors works hard to create the custom home you have always dreamed of having. Many people build a custom home with the perfect home office in mind. Not sure what you want to include in this home work space? These ten trending ideas will help get you started creating the perfect productive office for your new home.

1. Built-In Storage

Not only does built-in storage look smart, this saves space and maximizes available square footage. Bookshelves, closets, cabinets, and other built-ins are all very popular right now, and have the potential to add significant value to your custom home.

Photo by Alair Homes AuroraLook for home office design inspiration

2. Permanent Bulletin Boards

Sure, hanging a bulletin board is no great task, but before you know it your needs outgrow those standard sizes. Treat yourself to a large corkboard instead. Install a custom bulletin board where large documents, photos, and other important memos can be prominently displayed.

3. Build a Corner Desk

Maximize your available workspace by building a desk that wraps around a corner. These are great for people who love to utilize natural light throughout the day.

4. Build a Desk for Two

Are you partners in business as well as in life? Make sure your office reflects this. A long conjoined desk is the perfect way to streamline your productivity at all stages.

5. Utilize an Outbuilding

Whether you have a mother-in-law house on the property, a tiny house, or a renovated shed, that outbuilding can be put to use as a great office space. These are especially useful as recording studios and other creative areas that require lots of specialized equipment.

6. Add a Floating Desk

While a built-in desk might sound appealing to some home office users, a floating desk is more practical and appealing to others. This lets you utilize that perfect boutique or antique desk.

7. Utilize Nooks and Small Spaces

Large rooms can be built with small nooks that can accommodate vertical desks and other compact workstations. These are great for many work-at-home employees.

8. Double Up the Usefulness

Let your office do double duty as a guest room or other similar space. This way you can maximize the value of the space by letting it take on multiple uses.

9. Add Built-In Comfort

Building bay window seating and other benches is a great way to increase the comfort of a home office. Many of these benches can be fashioned into storage boxes, allowing you to further enhance the space.

10. Utilize Modular Furniture

This takes a bit of creative shopping to accomplish. Obtain modular shelving, desks, and other items to enhance the space and keep the creativity flowing.

Creating Your Ideal At-Home Workspace

Working at home is a dream come true for many people. Let the team at Alair Homes Tri-Cities help you realize your dream of working from home with a custom home we build for you in the Tri-Cities area. Contact us today to learn more about our services.