There is a lot of preparation that goes into renovating your home, and this includes making sure the area is clear of your belongings so construction can begin. When personal items are safe and out of the way, tasks are easier for your contractors. You feel more secure too. The following tips can help you organize your home before your renovation.

Declutter The Area

Start decluttering your space several weeks before your kitchen or bathroom renovation begins. Sort through your bookcases, cabinets or closets during this time. The items you use every day are best packed in transparent storage boxes with labels. Place the boxes in another room for easy access. The items you do not use frequently can be packed in cardboard boxes and placed in a closet or storage unit. You should also donate, sell or discard the items you are not planning to keep.

Gather Your Daily Essentials

Make sure your daily essentials are stored in an accessible place during your project. If you are renovating a bathroom, store your medications, toiletries or grooming items in a drawer or cabinet in another room. If your entryway is getting a makeover, move your keys and the box you store your mail in to the mud room, kitchen or another specific area in your home.

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Consider Your Routine

A change in your routine is inevitable during a home project. You can stay close to your routine by making the most of your space. Are you renovating your kitchen or bedroom? Set up a small kitchen in your den with a table and portable appliances, or you can convert your guest room into a temporary master bedroom. You may need to make other arrangements to stay away from home, especially if the construction is too much for your children or pets.

Use Portable Storage

It is easier to move your items when you invest in portable storage. You can use a lightweight drawer with wheels for your accessories, a covered rack for your clothes and a bar cart for your kitchen supplies. The storage solutions keep your items safe while making it possible to access them during your project and quickily move them from room to room.

Secure Your Valuables

A renovation means builders are going to be walking in and out of your home. Your windows or doors may be left unlocked during this period. Give yourself peace of mind by storing your valuables in a home safe or lock box. You may even want to store them in an off-site deposit box or storage unit. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the items that are important to you.

Clean Up The Outside

When planning any home renovation, take time to clean up your exterior. It is time to put your outdoor gear away until the project is finished. Protect your patio furniture from debris by placing them inside your shed or basement. This makes for clearer walkways as contractors and equipment move in and out of your home. If your project manager does not arrange for it, renting a dumpster for the duration of the project is also a good idea.

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