It is not uncommon to go over your budget when you are building a new home. You are choosing from a lot of upgrades that add up over time, so it is important to figure out what you can afford before settling on your upgrades. To help narrow down your choices, here are several ideas for your new custom home.

1. Taller Kitchen Cabinets

The standard height for your upper-cabinets is 30 inches, but you can increase the height to 36 or 42 inches. Upgrading to taller cabinets gives you more space for your kitchen essentials. You are also collecting less dust because there is not a lot of space above the cabinets.

2. Deeper Cabinet Over Refrigerator

You can increase your storage space be upgrading to a deeper cabinet over your refrigerator. A standard cabinet is 12 inches deep, but you can increase the cabinet to 24 inches. You may need a gable or fridge panel for a deeper cabinet, but it is worth the investment to create additional storage space.

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3. Pots and Pans Drawer

The deep interior of a pots and pans drawer is perfect for your cookware. You can even use the drawer to store small appliances, such as your mixer or coffee maker. A pots and pans drawer is just what you need to clear your counters, and you do not have to worry about your pots and pans cluttering up a cabinet.

4. Custom-Painted Cabinetry

If you are looking for a cosmetic upgrade, you may be able to have your cabinetry sprayed in a color of your choice. Painting your current cabinetry allows you to save money on ordering new cabinetry in your preferred color. This is a great way to match your cabinets with the rest of your interior.

5. Upgraded Tile

You can also upgrade the appearance by changing the kitchen and bathroom tiles. Whether you are looking for something simple or stylish, you can find the tiles in a variety of designs. Ceramic, marble and travertine tiles are great choices for your kitchen and bathroom. It is not easy to remove and install your own tile, so you want to choose a design that you can stick with for several years.

6. Upgraded The Grout

Why go through the hassle of upgrading your bathroom tile when you can just upgrade the grout? You are welcome to select a grout that gives your bathroom a unique look, but make sure you select a color you will not regret later on. If you do not want to make the decision, your design team can select a grout that matches your current tiles.

7. New Carpet Pad

You may not need to upgrade your carpet, but it never hurts to upgrade your carpet pad. A new carpet pad creates a softer surface for walking or sitting on the floor. You are also lengthening the life of your carpet by upgrading the padding.

Once you decide what upgrades are best for your budget, contact Alair Homes Springwater to find a qualified builder in your neighborhood. The services range from a home renovation to a custom home building, and every builder is screened to ensure they are right for your project.