Tiles have long been used in bathrooms around the world. Made largely from hardened clay, tiles come in a vast array of colors, sizes and patterns. Today’s homeowners find that using tiles as part of a bathroom renovation has many advantages. Tiles are ideal in rooms where water is present in larger quantities. Unlike other natural materials such as wood, tiles will not become damaged should they get wet. Today’s homeowners will find many kinds of tiles to pick from when they head out to the stores.

1. A Small Mosaic

The use of tiles to create a pattern goes back many centuries. Tiny tiles can create a work of art in any room. Using larger tiles to create a mosaic looks just as good. While laying out a mosaic pattern can seem simple, at Alair Homes Springwater, we’ve found it helps to get professional help for the best results.

2. Look to Morocco

Intricate tile patterns are nearly everywhere in Morocco. These beautiful designs can now be found in many stores. Take inspiration from classic Moroccan tiles in shades like vibrant orange and deep navy. They’ll look just as good in your home as they do in the hotter climates.

3. Slate Can Look Great

Slate-like tiles are ideal for use the bathroom. While the real thing is best reserved for the roof, tiles that mimic the cool look and and interesting texture can be successfully used as part of any bathroom renovation. Tile that has a matte finish that does not reflect light and a slightly uneven surface work best.

4. Brown the Walls

If you want to use brown in the room but worry that natural wood is too delicate to stand up to water, then think about using brown tiles. Unlike wood, tile will get discolored when it gets well. Use larger brown tiles on the bathroom walls for a bathroom that gets lots of light.

5. Wood Effect Tiles

If you love wood but know it won’t work in your bathroom, you can still get look of wood. Wood tiles have been designed that look practically like the real thing. A set of tiles that looks like maple or birch is the ideal thing to use in a bathroom that is all about nature. They’ll go well with other details in your bathroom like strong color and skylights.

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6. Subway Style

Many subway stations have walls full of tiles. Use them as inspiration in your own home. Subway tiles are available in many kinds of patterns and colors. A single wall with climbing tiles that look like brick can help bring in city style even if you live nowhere near an urban area.

7. Hexagonal is Fun

Just like other forms of materials, tiles can also be found in a wide variety of shapes. While many homeowners like to stick to standard shapes like rectangles and squares, others go for unusual shapes. Hexagonal tiles have long been a staple of European design. Today, they’re just as popular in other parts of the world. A large expanse of such tiles, when placed in a bathroom helps bring the eye inside and add an an intriguing element. Think about using them in multiple shades for even more visual impact.