Designing the perfect bathroom means that you get to look forward to the time that you spend in the space. When you’re building a custom home, you’ll have complete control over the look and layout of the setting. If you want to create a modern space, there are a few interior design trends of 2018 to consider.

Contemporary and Transitional Style

While looking for inspiration for your new home, you’ll likely see the contemporary and transitional style emerging due to its laidback look. The trend is a favorite among homeowners because it allows you to mix and match materials from different time periods without having to follow too many rules. You can add modern faucets that are sleek and pair it with an old wood vanity that adds extra character to the room. The style is ideal for those who don’t want too modern of a setting and still want to feel cozy in the room.

Light Wood Vanities

Wood vanities have become increasingly popular in 2018 because they have a natural beauty due to their style. They often resemble other furniture items in the home, which prevents the space from appearing bland or cold. Wood vanities look beautiful when paired with stone countertops and can enhance the design of a guest bathroom when you want to spruce up the environment.

Look for a wood vanity that has a light tone, which will look contemporary and will add a welcoming touch.

Gray Color Scheme

Gray continues to remain a popular color shade because it’s neutral and doesn’t look outdated quickly. The color pairs well with bright towels or rugs and can work as the foundation for your bathroom’s style. Consider using multiple colors of gray when decorating, which can include a light gray shade on the walls and dark gray paint on the cabinets. Using various gray color shades makes a statement without removing the dimension or contrast that is present.

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Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs have made a comeback and can look beautiful in your Alair Homes Springwater property due to their attractive shape. Depending on your style, you can choose to add an antique tub that has character and is from a different time period or upgrade with a modern tub that is sleek and minimal. The tub will not only enhance the design of the room but will also function as a comfortable place to lounge in with a good book when it’s time to bathe.  lose their appeal.

Undermount Sinks

Undermount sinks are ideal to install because they balance out other dramatic features or materials that are on display. The sink prevents the design of the room from looking too bold and also makes it easy to clean when wiping up the countertop. Choose a porcelain sink that will continue to look beautiful and classy long-term to maintain the appeal of the setting.

Creating a beautiful home will require designing a special space for each bathroom that is used in the house. With the right interior design trends of 2018 followed, you can enjoy using a versatile environment that serves many purposes and is also classy with its overall design.