When designing a new home, cleaning tasks are not always at the top of the client’s mind. However, modern bathrooms require a bit of elbow grease to stay clean. When you invest your hard earned money into a custom home, keeping everything looking its best is often a priority. As you are moving through the design stage for your bathroom, you will have the opportunity to make many choices in materials. If you spend a little time thinking about features that make your bathroom easier to clean now, it will be easier to keep clean later. Alair Homes Springwater offers the following tips.

1. Install a Removable Toilet Seat

Consider installing a removable toilet seat. This feature makes it easier for you to reach areas that are often difficult to clean due to small crevices. The toilet seat has latches that make it simple to take it off in seconds without having to use any tools.

2. Choose the Right Finish for the Fixtures

Fixtures that are resistant to water spots or fingerprints reduce the time it takes to clean your sinks. When selecting the faucet, handles, and knobs, consider oil-rubbed bronze,. This material has a modern appearance and always looks like it was recently wiped down.

3. Add a Handheld Shower Sprayer

Make it easier to rinse grime off of your bathtub by adding a shower sprayer instead of a standard showerhead. You can use the sprayer to bathe each day and also incorporate it into your cleaning routine.

4. Use Large Tiles or Slabs

Small tiles in your bathroom can look great, but having them means spending more time cleaning grout lines. Consider using larger tiles or marble slabs to eliminate the amount of grout that is present and reduce your cleaning time.

5. Purchase a Toilet Seat with an Antimicrobial Surface

Some toilet seats now include a microbial surface. They are treated with a finish so they do not stain easily and are not prone to fading.

6. Purchase Quartz

Quartz is engineered and not as high maintenance as other types of natural stone. It does not scratch, stain or dent easily. You can wipe it down with soap and water without having to use any special chemicals.

7. Install a Toilet on the Wall

Toilet seats that are mounted on the wall are easier to mop underneath. Wall-mounted toilets also look sleek and work as a design factor in the home if your goal is a modern bathroom.

8. Find a Toilet with a Skirted Base

The base of most toilets has different curves. These spots are a common place where dirt and grime can form. Skirted bases have a sleek shape and are easy to wipe down.

9. Remove the Shower Frame

Get rid of the frame that is installed on most showers, which attracts dirt and grime and is a common place where mold from water forms. Removing the frame will allow you to simply wipe the area down without having to scrub it with a toothbrush.

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10. Install Water-Resistant Glass Dividers

Consider purchasing water-resistant glass dividers to reduce the appearance of water spots. The glass has a special coating that will allow it to appear clear and flawless.

Designing your bathroom is about more than just picking features that look beautiful. It is also about thinking through how you like to live and how much time you like to spend cleaning your custom home. Add easy to clean features to save yourself time and keep your bathroom looking beautiful.