You can make a kitchen of any size feel spacious if you keep the interior white, but you do not have to sacrifice style or personality to make the space feel bigger. There are several tricks to creating the illusion of more space, from mirrors to smaller appliances. You can make your kitchen feel and look bigger by keeping the following tips from Alair Homes Scarborough in mind.

Eliminate The Hardware

Remove the clutter that makes your space feel smaller by eliminating the hardware on the cabinets. One idea is to invest in cabinet doors with reach-in pulls or touch-activated latches. The clean lines across the cabinets make the space feel bigger, and you do not have to worry about the knobs or handles getting in the way.

Skip The Double Sink

A large double sink is functional in a kitchen, but it does take up a lot of space. You can create more open space, counter space or storage solutions by opting for a single sink. This allows you to avoid any dead space that cannot be used for anything.

Slimmer Refrigerator

Do you have a large refrigerator that is always half empty? Maybe your refrigerator is full of junk food or takeout boxes. This is a great time to choose a slimmer refrigerator. The extra floor space can be used for storage solutions or maneuvering around the kitchenette.

Panel Appliances

If you do not want to use compact appliances, you can always invest in panel-ready appliances such as a refrigerator or dishwasher. The doors of these appliances blend in with your cabinets, and this creates the illusion of more open space.

Mirrored Backsplash

Mirrors reflect light and make the space feel bigger, so you may want to use a mirror as the backsplash in your kitchenette. You can keep it subtle by investing in a mirror backsplash made of tinted glass.

Open Shelves

You do not have to remove all your upper cabinets just to create more space. You can create more space by replacing just one or two cabinets with open shelves. Start by removing the doors from one cabinet to get a feel of this style. Open shelves make the room feel bigger without sacrificing valuable storage space.

Glass Door Cabinets

If you do not want to remove any cabinets to create more visual space, you can always replace the solid doors with glass doors. Add a sophisticated touch to your cabinets by displaying attractive drinkware and dinnerware behind the glass.

Cabinet Lighting

It is important to light up your kitchen if you want to create the illusion of more space. Start by creating ample lighting with your windows and ceiling fixtures. Your next step should be adding lights above, under and inside the cabinets. Cabinet lighting reduces the dim or dark spaces that make the room feel smaller. You can do this with battery-operated tap lights or plug-in LED strip fixtures.

Are you planning to make any minor or major changes to your kitchen? The first step is to find a reliable contractor like Alair Homes Scarborough. Alair Homes can take care of all your renovation and construction needs, from remodeling a single room to building a custom home.