You may have been envisioning your dream kitchen for many years, and you may be thrilled that the time has finally come to begin creating a kitchen design that lives up to your high expectations. You understandably have an impressive vision about what the finished project will look like as well as how functional it will be for cooking, entertaining and more. As you walk through the design process for your custom kitchen, focus your attention on some of these essential questions. This will help ensure that you love all aspects of your new space.

What Are Some Attractive Materials That Are Easy to Maintain?

The layout for your custom kitchen can affect the flow of traffic, food prep and more. Your selection of materials also plays an essential role in your experience in the new space. For example, you need durable countertops that are easy to clean, that look amazing and that are resistant to damage from cutting or heat. Granite is one of the stunning materials to consider that meets all of these requirements. Corian, stainless steel, butcher block, concrete and even glass can be used in various areas of the design with stunning results as well.

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How Can You Incorporate More Light Into the Kitchen?

While it may be easy to overlook, an important element of any kitchen design is lighting. Lighting affects ambiance as well as functionality. There may be times, such as in the middle of the day when you are preparing lunch for your family, when you may love the warm glow of natural sunlight filling the room. There may be other times when dim illumination is preferred. You might also need task lighting while chopping vegetables or preparing meals. A thoughtful design for your new custom kitchen may include large windows to take advantage of natural sunlight. Numerous indirect and direct lighting sources might also be placed in strategic locations. Dimmer switches are also functional. They provide you with superior control over light intensity.

What Type of Sink is Best for My New Kitchen?

There are numerous sink styles that may work well in your new custom kitchen, but remember that a sink should be practical as well as aesthetically-pleasing. An undermount sink is a smart idea in many homes. It has a classy, sophisticated look. It is also easier to clean because you can wipe crumbs directly off into the sink. In addition to the sink’s mount style, you also need to consider the depth and design of the sink. For functionality, choosing a deeper sink that accommodates larger pots and pans may be a smart idea.

How Do I Choose a Finish for Kitchen Fixtures and Appliances?

From bronze to copper, brass, stainless steel, polished nickel and more, there are numerous attractive materials to consider for the finish on fixtures and appliances. High-sheen materials may look stunning, however, remember that they may show more smudges and water marks than low-sheen materials. Find a finish that corresponds well to the kitchen design concept and color scheme in your space, but remember that it may also be smart to choose a material that has timeless appeal. Explore all options before finalizing your decision.

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