Choosing the right tile for your home depends on several things. Consider where you’re installing the flooring. You may be redecorating your kitchen, bathroom, family room, or another space in your home. The tiles may be fitted on walls or used as flooring. Additional factors are the style, finish, and cost. Here are some ideas from Alair Homes Scarborough to inspire you.

Glossy Tiles

Large, polished tile in white or a neutral color used on countertops and walls reflect the light and are dramatic in an all-white kitchen. The surface is smooth, so they’re easy to clean. Porcelain is a better choice than ceramic for its durability.

Matte Finish

Patterned matte tiles in a herringbone style are contemporary and don’t overpower a room if they’re in a flat finish. Matte tiles make an excellent choice for a backsplash.

Shimmer and Shine

Add sophistication and a lot of glimmer to your master bath with metallic tiles in copper, silver, or gold. Metallic tiles can be installed along the base of the mirror over double sinks as a stunning backsplash. For a jewel-tone effect, choose tiles in a mosaic style. Add pendant light in coordinating colors to complete the look.

New Look for An Old Favorite

Subway tiles are trending again but with a whole new look. Today’s tiles feature a glaze in brilliant colors that the light bounces off. The tiles are easy to clean and are practical for floors at home or work, especially in the kid’s playroom.

Dimensional Tiles

One of the newest trends for bathroom walls is textured tiles with a 3-Dimensional effect. The tiles have a wave pattern for a crackle-style effect. Make sure to find out about their maintenance because the tiles are a little harder to clean, but the beautiful style is worth it.

Encaustic For the Kitchen

Encaustic tiles are classic and never go out of style. The patterns are the perfect addition to a rustic-style kitchen furniture and muted gray, stainless appliances. Unlike some tiles that have the pattern printed on top, the design on encaustic tiles runs all the way through to the underside. One of the best features of these tiles is that if one of them gets chipped, the design remains intact.

Honed Travertine

If you prefer a stone floor that doesn’t have the highly polished look, honed travertine is a great suggestion. The finish on a honed stone is achieved by grinding one side of limestone or another type of stone when it’s unfinished. The finish can be high sheen, matte, or satin.

When the process is complete, the natural beauty of the stone shines, but the flooring isn’t slippery. Honed travertine is an excellent choice for a kitchen or family room that gets a lot of natural light.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta is a timeless look that has a cozy and warm appearance. The tiles of clay are fired at very high temperatures and have a matte appearance. The tiles should be sealed, so they don’t get stained.


Tumbled limestone tiles are created by tumbling the tiles with a mixture of grit and stone to give it a rustic and distressed appearance. Limestone is hardy and wears well, so it’s a great choice for high-traffic areas of your home like a playroom or living room.


Slate wears well and is very durable. The flooring is the choice of a lot of homeowners for their kitchens. However, since it’s a dark stone, it works better in rooms that get a lot of light. The stone has a matte appearance after being honed.

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