Are you tired of your dull, drab cubicle? Do you dream of actually getting work done in a spacious and private office? Home additions can help you turn these fantasies into reality.

Making A Budget

First things first: Home offices aren’t as expensive to build as you think. In fact, if you plan carefully and work closely with your contractors, your new home addition can actually pay for itself in the long-term. Not only will it increase your professional productivity and therefore boost your salary, but it can also improve your property value, adding hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your resell price.


Decorating Your Own Space

This is the real reason why so many people swear by their home office. Since it’s on your property, you can outfit your home addition however you’d like. Do you work better with a view? Install bay windows or skylights to keep you inspired throughout the day. Do you suffer from a bad back? Splurge on ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks. You can even look into feng shui for the office without having to justify it to nosy co-workers.

Enlarging Your Day

According to reports, the average worker spends more than 300 hours a year driving to and from work. That number isn’t even including all the time you spend looking for your keys, warming up the car, getting gas, finding a parking spot, entering the building, taking the elevator, grabbing a cup of coffee and getting settled at your desk. With a home office, all you have to do is sit down. You’ll gain back hours and hours of lost time.

Lighting Up Your Life

Did you know that certain kinds of light can increase your cognitive processing skills? Blue light has a direct and measurable effect on the brain, yet most bosses would balk if you tried to convince them to change the company’s lighting. Say goodbye to searing florescent bulbs and hello to energizing and effective blue ones.

Eliminating Distractions

Distractions are death when you work from home. Before you know it, all the little demands of your family, friends, neighbors, children and pets have eaten up your time and left you with nothing to show for a day’s work. With a home office, however, you can retreat to your workspace and close the door when you need to get things done. You won’t hear the television from the living room. You won’t get drawn into a conversation about bills when your spouse walks by. You can actually work.

Claiming Tax Credit

You can write off a surprising number of expenses when you build your own office. For one, the home addition itself might lower your annual property taxes depending on your province. You can also deduct any furniture and electronics used exclusively for work purposes. For example, you can claim a laptop if its primary function is job-related and not leisure-related.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you use home additions to build your own office. It doesn’t matter if you’re freeing yourself from a corporate job or just trying to move your freelance work off the kitchen counter and into a proper workspace. Home offices can benefit anyone who values privacy and productivity in their job.