There are plenty of reasons to create more space in your home, from expecting a child to starting your own business.

If you have lived in your house for a long time, then you are familiar with every trait of your home. You are familiar with the floor plan and foot traffic of every room. It is easy to point out the best views of your yard or how the lighting changes every season.

You can use that information to add extra space to your home, from a small patio to an entire bedroom. You should also use this information to figure out where you are going to make this addition. It could be on the back, side or even above the house, or maybe your addition is going to be separate from your home. Do not forget to decide the style and size of your addition.

Here are 10 home additions to consider the next time you are remodeling or building a home.

Back of The House

Building your addition in the back of the house is a great way to connect your home to your backyard.

Change The Material

Use your addition as an opportunity to switch up your materials. If your home is made of brick, you can use wood in a matching color for your addition.

Scale Your Pieces

A large addition should blend with your home rather than overwhelm it. You want to break your blocks and roof down into smaller pieces rather than building large pieces.

Construct a Jewel Box

Use your addition as an opportunity to bring the outdoors inside your home. A jewel box is beautiful to look at when you are on the outside, and it creates ample lighting and space on the inside.

Small Statement

A small statement can make a big impact in your addition. You can keep your addition exclusive to your home by adding it to the back of the house.

Big Statement

You can make a big statement by building the addition on the front of your home.

Add a Pavilion

If your property is large enough, you can create something special by adding a stand alone pavilion to your home.

Stretch The House

Stretching the house across the property is another option for making a large statement. One idea is to turn this expansion into smaller and connected pavilions across your property.

Expand The Roof

If you own a small home, you can build a second floor addition by expanding the roof.

Expand Your Ranch House

You can make an impact without using up your outdoor space by adding a second floor to your ranch house.

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There are many home additions that add more space and a unique touch to your home.