Your home should be both practical and functional. If you want a more functional home, here are a few easy ways to create spaces that look great and allow your home to function better as well.

Begin With the Layout

The layout of your home should make it easy to move from one space to the next. Create a pathway that allows you to move around the house without any impediments in the way. Avoid blocking off doors with furniture.

Keep it Practical

Practicality is vital. For example, you need a washer and dryer. Store them in easy reach in a separate room or even the kitchen so you can wash your dishes and your clothing at the same time.

Use Every Single Space

Avoid wasted space. That alcove under the stairs? It’s the perfect place to put a bookcase. The nook next the living room can serve as a place to put shoes, coats and other outdoor objects before coming inside. Look closely at each space and determine exactly what can and should be done with it.

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Make it Timeless

Your home should be not only about now but about the future as well. For example, if you’re planning to have kids, you’ll want spaces that will accommodate them as they grow. Look at the room you’ve designated as a potential baby room. Keep to a neutral design that works as your children grow.

Use Storage Space Wisely

Keep your storage space well organized. Organizers are inexpensive. Put hanging shelves in your hall closet and double your storage space. Even a small sock organizer can make it easier to get dressed in the morning.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Light is a crucial element in any home. All spaces should be illuminated properly. For example, any home office needs a combination of natural light during the day and then enough light at night so you can see your work papers. Use a wide mixture of varied types of lighting from uplighting to task lighting to make sure you have lighting for everything you’re doing in the home.

Multiple Use Spaces are Ideal

Many spaces in the home can be used for multiple purposes. A large attic can serve as a guest bedroom, play space for the kids and a storage area at the same time. Consider built-ins like shelving that moves so you can access all of your spices but still have a clean look in the kitchen. In a smaller home, multi-functional spaces allow the space to be used more effectively.

Using Color

The effective use of color in any home helps make for a functional home. Think about color usage. A good rule of thumb is a few basic colors. Use basic neutrals like white and grey to help set the scene for the rest of the colors in your home. Many people find it ideal to combine neutral colors with brighter splashes of color like red and yellow.

Make it Your Own

Above all, make your home your own. Let your personality shine through from every single angle. You want a home that reminds you of who you are the second you step inside.

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