When you’re building a custom home, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the current home design trends — in particular, the kitchen trends. You don’t have to incorporate every trend into the space you’re building, but it’s certainly worth considering whether the trends you love would be workable in the custom kitchen you’re designing. Alair Homes Richmond Hill takes a look at some of the latest kitchen trends that are worth considering for your custom building project.

Sleek, Minimalist Style Kitchen Storage

The way in which some home owners manage kitchen storage is changing. Home owners are removing upper kitchen cabinetry in favor of larger pantry spaces, open shelving and additional storage in easier-to-reach areas like drawers and cabinets under the kitchen island.

Induction Cooktop Surfaces

If you’re usually in a hurry to cook up a quick snack or meal, induction cooking is likely to appeal to you. This method of cooking tends to be faster than cooking on an electric stove. The sleek, stylish appearance of induction cooktop surfaces is also appealing to many chefs who appreciate excellent aesthetics in their kitchen appliances.

If you want to try out this trend without giving up the type of range you are already most comfortable with, there are now bunches of portable induction cooktops becoming available — so you can have both types of cooking appliances in your new custom kitchen.

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Convection Steam Ovens

Top appliance manufacturers like Wolfe are making leftovers totally viable with their exciting convection steam ovens. You have the options to cook with steam, to cook by convection or to combine the two methods in a uniquely innovative hybrid cooking technique.

Customizable Column Refrigerators and Freezers

Refrigerators are more architectural in appearance, and more customizable, than ever before. With the new column refrigerators, you can pair different column sizes and even integrate different functions. For example, you can place a wine refrigerator beside the refrigerator you use for chilling your fruits and vegetables.

Touch-Free and Touch-On Kitchen Faucets

In the recent past, sensor-based technologies have taken incredible leaps forward, enabling widespread home use of touch-free faucets in kitchens and bathrooms. With one of these faucets installed in your kitchen, you can simply place a cup beneath the faucet; the sensor will detect the motion, and it will trigger the flow of water to turn on.

At the same time, a similar technology, the touch-on kitchen faucet, is also gaining in popularity. If your hands are dirty, you can simply nudge this type of faucet with your elbow to easily activate the flow of water.

Abundant Lighting in Hard-to-See Spaces

It’s useful to illuminate all the small nooks in your drawers, cabinets and storage cupboards so you can easily see the items you have stashed inside there.

These are some of the trends being incorporated into high-end home building projects. If you’re interested in utilizing any of these ideas when you build your own custom home, call us at (416) 639-0773 or stop by Alair Homes Richmond Hill to discuss your project. Our expert team will get you a reliable estimate and work on your behalf to build the custom home of your dreams.