If your main interest is making your house more appealing from the exterior then landscaping and a general “house facelift” can be a valuable investment. This can be done to make it a prettier and more appealing house in general, or for the express purpose of creating curb appeal to help it sell faster and easier. First impression means a lot. With a freshly painted home with lush landscaping, the fist impression of a home – as well as its owners – will be a good one. Depending on the degree of landscaping being done, some plants may need to be occasionally watered or otherwise cared for. Homeowners who predict that they will not have time to do so may with so specify this to their landscape designer in advance. Create a welcoming front entrance, and walkway, as mentioned this is a great way to get a positive first, second & third impression.

Increase your Space

If beautifying the existing parts of your home and yard is not quite your fancy, there are certainly arguments to be made in favour of extending your front porch or garage. Either of these options creates more “active” outdoor space, perfect for social gatherings or roomy relaxation. The garage expansion is the perfect investment for families with teens about to get into driving – or just for a car nut in need of more safe space for his or her beauties. If you are considering selling, renovating, or interested in increasing your curb appeal, be sure to give the experts at Alair Homes Richmond Hill a call for a free in home consultation to see how we can make that a reality. Living Better Starts Here