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Bathroom Renovations in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill Bathroom Renovations

The smallest changes in a home can have the greatest impact. That is often the case with bathroom renovations. When you live in beautiful and historic Richmond Hill, we understand wanting to remain in your current home. With the right design and vision, we can transform any space which is why we work with discerning clients throughout Richmond Hill and the York area. Whether you are renovating a master ensuite or secondary bathrooms, a bathroom renovation can have a significant impact on your daily life.

True Transparency in Bathroom Design

Alair Homes Richmond Hill is locally owned by Albert J. Donadio, a contractor with more than 40 years of experience. Albert and Alair Homes believe that there is no compromising on quality construction and craftsmanship. We will work with you to weave your vision into reality through the diligence and expertise of our team members. We also offer every client full transparency through our proprietary client portal. Clients can track their costs, timelines, and budgets.

How does Alair’s Client Control project management protect me?

Learn how gaining certainty before you ever begin is the smartest, safest way to build or renovate.

How do I determine the right contractor for me?

Know the difference between Client Control, fixed price and cost plus and how each determine the outcome of your experience.

What is the experience like to work with Alair?

Real stories from real clients sharing their experience of building and renovating with Alair.

Improve your life with a home renovation.

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Frequently asked questions about home renovations

If you have any specific questions, feel free to give us a call!

How experienced are your Project Managers?

Since the success of your project relies heavily on strong management, we are extremely selective and hire only the best project managers. Our project managers receive extensive and ongoing training on a weekly and monthly basis. The success of our business is built on the strength of our project managers and we are proud of the highly skilled team we have assembled at Alair Richmond Hill.

What is your typical cost per square foot?

Cost per square foot is a very poor way to gauge the cost of completing your custom home because it is only relevant if you are comparing the exact same home plan and fitted with the exact same fixtures. Alair Richmond Hill will not quote on a per square foot basis because we understand that if you are going to achieve total satisfaction from building your own custom home, you deserve to understand the true cost of your project that matches your goals and specifications. This requires a thorough budgeting process with a knowledgeable construction professional with past experience in your type of project. This process does not take long and is the surest way to give you the confidence you need to understand what the total cost will be before the project starts.

Does Alair Homes Oakville provide fixed price or cost plus contracting?

We have developed a hybrid system known as Client Control™ that is the best of both worlds! We establish fixed prices from our trade partners and suppliers that create cost certainty plus you receive 100% transparency and control via an overall cost plus model. Please watch our video above explaining Client Control™ and also download our report outlining the benefits of this revolutionary method.

Can we walk through your showroom or visit a model home?

Each of our projects is as unique and diverse as our clients, which is exciting for us and important to our clients. However, if we have a project under construction, and we have the permission of the client we would love to show you a project in action! This is a great way to assess a contractor as you get to see things from the inside out. For Alair Richmond Hill, this is also an opportunity to show what makes our approach so unique and what makes Alair such a different kind of contractor.


In Nov. 2014 Albert Donadio’s company remodeled old mid 1960’s family room replacing stonework on fireplace with hand installed stone block, old wood panelling with drywall and wainscotting and moulding, ceiling with coffered ceiling and LED pots on dimmers, floor with dark stressed maple planking and installed cabinets beside the fireplace and a storage cupboard in a corner.

All work was done in one month, on our deadline.

In 2015 we had Albert arrange for a swivel wall mounted TV to be installed in a corner (so as not to cover new stone fireplace) which required cutting into drywall, insulation and bolting frame to block then restoring back, then in June 2016 also replaced a 40 year old fence which required the building of a timber retaining wall foundation on 2 sides, again to a deadline.

Albert cares about the quality of his product and design and commitment to a deadline and didn’t hesitate to do what was necessary to satisfy my wife and I.

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Stacey Svihla

My name is Stacey Svihla, I’m a Certified Interior Decorator. My home was renovated by Albert and his crew and worked on for about 2.5 months. Everyone involved was very kind, polite and respectful. In that time, the walls between the living room, kitchen and family room were taken down, to create an open concept living space. All the builder grade carpet, tile and parquet were removed on the main floor and replaced with hand scraped, wide plank, honed finished hard maple hardwood. Both stair cases were sanded and re-stained to match new hardwood and new white pickets installed. The popcorn ceiling was scraped to give way for a fresh, clean and smooth ceiling. The original kitchen was removed set up in the garage for storage. A custom kitchen was built and installed, in Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. Several of the adjoining walls were given rounded corners to add softness to the space. A guest bedroom and full three piece bathroom were also added in the already half finished basement.

Clare Pillo

I am pleased to write a positive reference for Alair Homes Richmond Hill.
The first job they completed for me was in my yard. They removed the grass and laid lock stone as well as building a retaining wall. The yard now looks amazing with much more usable space. It is definitely my summer oasis.
The following year they enclosed in my front entrance and updated the façade at the front of the house. This added about 30 sq. ft. to my front foyer as well as giving me a direct entrance into my garage. Everyday when I use the entrance I am so happy because it is gorgeous. In order to finish everything off, I had them come the following spring and landscape the front of the house. Many of my neighbours stop to compliment me.
This past year they did 3 jobs for me. Firstly, a basement apartment was put into my unfinished basement. It is a great space for my daughter to be independent and we are very happy with it. Secondly, they fixed a poor tile job in the shower surround of my main washroom. The tile man was an artist and it now looks amazing. I get many complements from guests as to how beautiful it looks. For the final project my kitchen was remodelled. The 1970’s kitchen has been made over and is now a wonderful chef’s kitchen. I have always loved to cook but now it is a much more efficient space to work in with beautiful cabinets, counters and appliances. The same great tile man did the floors and backsplash and I’m very happy with the outcome. They also moved the back door and added a natural gas bbq to the deck. I’m a very happy four-season cook!

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