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Turfgrass has been around for many years thanks to its many amazing benefits. This is indeed a great addition to the landscape of your custom built home. Healthy turf goes a long way in rewarding not only you but the environment in a number of ways. This is sweet news to the ears considering the deep concern for global warming today. There is no doubt that turf is steadily growing in popularity, and here are reasons why!

Prevents Soil Erosion

Turfgrass is known to slow down the force that comes with flowing water, and most of the water is absorbed into the soil. The grass blades slow down rainwater reducing the degree of soil erosion that is a growing concern in many parts of the world. This need not be your concern thanks to the fibrous root system of turfgrass. Turf binds soil together, preventing it from getting carried away by wind or rain.

Water Filtration

What is more, the efficiency turfgrass brings to water filtration is second to none. Turfgrass soaks up nutrients like phosphorus that help enrich the soil. This is a big advantage to groundwater reserves, right? One of the primary causes of nutrient water contamination is soil erosion and runoff, but turf ensures contaminants never reach water reserves. Turfgrass also comes in handy as buffer zones that keep pollutants such as dust at the lowest level possible.

Air Replenishing

Turfgrass also aids in the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. Turfgrass uses carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and releases oxygen hence supplying you with fresh air. This also allows long term storage of carbon within the roots, helping combat issues such as global warming.

You’re probably aware that pollen is an infamous when it comes to seasonal allergies. If well maintained, turfgrass can help reduce airborne pollen that emanates from weeds. With such airborne allergens being wiped out from your custom built home, guests with conditions such as asthma have little to worry about as well.

Supports Bioremediation

Pollutants like heavy metals and hydrocarbons are harmful to the health of animals, plants and people. These substances usually end up in the soil and are broken down by microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria. Healthy turfgrass has an extensive fibrous system that is home to the better part of microbial populations. This explains why it is more productive compared to other plant systems.

Promotes Safety

You will be glad to know that well-maintained turfgrass acts as a fire barrier. It’s able to prevent fire from getting out of control, empowering fire fighters to put it out in a jiffy should the need arise. Turfgrass can also serve as a deterrent for disease causing rodents and pests who give open spaces a wide berth. Its soft surface also makes it great for recreational purposes. Injuries tend to be less severe upon impact when compared to options such as artificial turf and concrete.

Temperature Regulation

Turfgrass is cooler compared to other surfaces – about thirty degrees colder than synthetic turf, and fifteen degrees colder than concrete to be specific. Turfgrass provides a cooling effect that helps in lowering the temperature through a process known as transpiration. Research also shows that grass plays a major role in keeping surrounding areas cool. If this sounds like something you would want in your custom built home, turfgrass is the way to go.

Noise Reduction

If noise has always disturbed the tranquillity in your home, it is the high time that you made turf your best friend. You see, grass has what it takes to bring down noise levels by a whopping 10 decibels. Any noise reaching you will be softer and non-irritating.

exterior of white multistory custom home with task lighting and lush front lawn

Turfgrass is among the best additions to your custom built home. Try it out today and enjoy all the foregoing benefits!