Alair Homes Regina

As homebuilders we use different trades for all of our custom homes. Each home has a uniqueness to them that require something a little bit different that maybe the next contractor can’t do. As a homeowner this can be difficult to understand and can feel overwhelming as there is so much to know when building a home.

The Alair Team

Alair has a process that you follow. Your never alone as you have a great projector manager that helps along the way. Our project managers have worked with these contractors before and can advise you of their talents and their downfalls. There are many trades that seem to all do the same thing. When you are looking for a plumber for example, how long it takes them to do the job varies, or the parts they have on hand or maybe it’s just the knowledge of doing that specific job. These are just some examples that get forgotten about when thinking of trades and how much it will cost to build your home. It’s always important to go with the feedback from your project manager and what they think on that trade. This will help you make a decision and make the custom home building process easier.