Most people in Red Deer want to live in a tidy and organized home that doesn’t have too much clutter. By eliminating junk and unused items, it’s easier to find what you need and avoid cleaning up each room as frequently. To ensure that you declutter without going minimalist, there are a few important steps to follow.

Use Square Containers

Square containers are essential to use in kitchens to store cereal, pasta, and dry beans that are used when cooking. The clear containers are easy to stack in the cabinets and use up less space.

Organize with Multi-Purpose Furniture Items

Purchase ottomans or coffee tables that can work as extra storage space to hold blankets or board games. You can remove excess clutter from your shelves or TV stand and keep it in a discrete location that is still within reach.

Use Vertical Storage Space

Free up clutter on the floor in Alair Homes Red Deer by making use of space on the walls where shelves and cabinets can be installed. This will allow you to display personal items and still find what you need quickly.

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Create an Alcove in the Entryway

From shoes to purses, the entryway in most homes is prone to becoming cluttered due to too many belongings that accumulate throughout the week. Hang purses and jackets on the wall and use a basket to hold shoes.

Use Glass-Fronted Cabinets

You can put your favorite items on display while still protecting them from dust by using glass-fronted cabinets. Consider using the cabinets in your closet where you can store your shoes or even in the kitchen where your dishes can be put on display.

Add Cubbyholes

Kids’ toys are one of the main causes of cluttered homes due to small toy cars and building blocks that accumulate throughout the year. Use cubbyholes in your children’s rooms to group like items and keep them out of sight. Teach your kids where the items belong to ensure that they can clean up quickly and allow the home to look spotless.

Hang Your Family Photos

Family photos can easily become cluttered on the refrigerator or on a desk, making it important to hang as many photos as you can on the walls to put them on display and make use of each picture. You can also place them in a photo album or scan them onto a hard drive to ensure that they don’t get lost and are well-preserved.

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Organize the Bedroom

Organize your bedroom by keeping books on the nightstand and tossing out clothing items that haven’t been worn in the last year. You can also keep seasonal items stored in vacuum-sealed bags under your bed when they’re not in use.

Keep Office Items Within Reach

An efficient way to de-clutter your home office is to keep the items that you use the most within reach to ensure that you can work quickly and avoid piles of paperwork or office supplies. Store books on shelves and stack paperwork on trays to keep it in one place. You can also consider scanning copies important documents onto your computer to reduce the amount of paperwork that you accumulate.

Make a Home for Everything in the Kitchen

The kitchen can become cluttered due to small appliances and tools that are used throughout the week. Make a home for everything and use tea containers or baskets to store miscellaneous items.