Hardwood floors have undeniable appeal. They can dress up your custom home with spectacular results, and they also can bolster property value. Once the flooring is installed in your beautiful new home, you understandably want to keep it well-maintained. Some cleaning and maintenance efforts could easily damage the floor. Taking the time to learn about the proper steps to care for your hardwood floor can help you to keep it looking great in the years ahead.

Learn More About Your Floors

If you have a new home design with recently-installed hardwood, the wood has likely been covered in polyurethane or urethane. This is a durable and semi-water-resistant coating. If your flooring was installed prior to 1970 in a home that you have recently renovated, it may have a wax finish. It is important that you understand the type of flooring that you have so that you can determine the proper maintenance steps to take. You may need to consult with the floor installation company that recently installed the floors in your custom home. For older floors, request an in-home consultation from an expert if you need guidance.

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Take Daily Cleaning Steps

Regardless of the type of wood and finish that is used, you typically should expect to sweep the floor every day or two. Hardwood can easily show dust, pet hair, crumbs and more because of its typically smooth surface. If you live in a home with several people, kids or pets, you may need to sweep more frequently. An alternative is to use a special vacuum that is designed for hardwood floors. Keep in mind that some vacuums that are not specifically designed for use on hardwoods could scratch them.

Know What to Avoid

Some people may be inclined to mop their floor with a wet mop or to clean it with special cleaners that they use for their vinyl or tile floors. These can damage all types of wood floors regardless of their finish. Excessive moisture may cause wood to warp, and it can also damage some types of finishes. In addition, harsh chemicals can strip away finishes and cause other types of damage.

Clean Your Newer Wood Floor with Care

Sweeping or using a special vacuum designed for hardwood floors may be your primary cleaning step, but it’s also important to perform more significant cleaning from time to time. Rather than using a mop dripping with water, consider using a slightly damp mop. The cleaning solution may include water and a small amount of dish soap. It could also include water combined with a small amount of a special cleaner designed specifically for use with wood floors.

Clean Older and Unsealed Floors Without Water

Because water and chemicals may cause irreparable damage to older floors and floors that are not properly sealed, any type of moisture or chemicals should be avoided. Sweeping is the primary cleaning method. Annually, it may be beneficial to buff or wax these older floors to keep them looking great.

Regardless of the type of solid hardwood floor that you have, keep in mind that refinishing the floor may be necessary from time to time. Even with the best care, the finish or wax can wear down, and scratches or dent may become more noticeable. Refinishing is an excellent way to rejuvenate your floor for lasting appeal in your home design.

Once your custom built home is complete, maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors through proper maintenance. This will all be reviewed with you during a walk-through, and if you have any questions, Alair Homes Peterborough is always here to help.