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One of the major milestones in people’s lives is buying their first home. Not everyone is fortunate enough to buy a turn-key home that does not need renovations. Companies like Alair Homes have helped hundreds of clients turn their fixer-uppers into the place of their dreams. When moving into a new home, a game plan is needed to get the best use out of every room. Here are some basic tips for setting up housekeeping:

Personalized Decor

Anyone can go to a big box department store and fill the cart with a generic decor and slap it up on the wall. A home is probably one of the largest investments people make in their lifetime. It becomes an extension of a family’s personality. This is why it is so important to choose colors, furniture, and decorations carefully. Homeowners do not have to stick with the latest trend. A home should be decorated with things that are beautiful, well-loved, and representative of the homeowner.


An organized home is more pleasant and less chaotic than one that is in a constant upheaval. The old saying of a place for everything and everything in its place is good advice for the new homeowner. Even a mansion loses its luster if it is filled with clutter. Using storage space wisely and getting rid of clutter reveals the true beauty of the home and its decor. Some things such as ottomans and chests double up as beautiful furniture and a place for handy storage. Baskets and decorative crates are ideal to corral clutter in children’s rooms.

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Living Room

Although floor plans for houses vary, the living room is usually the first room that people see. The way it is set up says a lot about the homeowner. Quality furniture in neutral colors work well with any decor. That zebra print couch that looked fabulous in the furniture store may end up being an eyesore when the homeowner wants to change looks. Neutral paint colors lend a classic look and are warm and inviting.


Most people consider their room a private sanctuary. Everything about a bedroom should convey comfort and tranquility. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on bedroom furniture. New homeowners just need to buy the best quality within their budget. The way a bedroom is decorated depends on people’s personality. The main thing to remember is to use calming colors and textures that are conducive to sleep and quiet intimacy.


The kitchen has always been dubbed as the “heart of the home”. It is the place where families get together with good food, sharing, and laughter. Guests are instinctively drawn to the warmth of the kitchen. A kitchen that incorporates light colors looks bright and spacious. Good appliances may be a considerable investment, but they will last for several years with good care. Buying kitchen tools that serve multiple tasks also makes life easier on the new homeowner.


Like the bedroom, the bathroom is a private place that should be spacious and relaxing. Organizing all the toiletries make bathing and getting ready in the mornings a lot easier. Just some simple touches can turn a bathroom into a personal spa. Fluffy towels and aromatic soaps and oils nurture the body and mind. Nothing is more relaxing that soaking in a tub of hot water after a long day at work.