If there’s one universal about a custom built home, it’s that decisions and tradeoffs are an essential and frequent part of the process. Before you start, you might find it’s easier to make choices by identifying what’s essential and what’s an upgrade you can add later.

Another important aspect of building the home to bear in mind is how it will sell on the resale market. Besides providing shelter, a home is also an investment.

Include the Basics

Even though you’re putting up a custom built home, include the features that are universal. People want:

Build in Savings

Building in energy efficiency never goes out of style in any custom built home. Over the life of your home, an Energy Star home will save money on heating and cooling bills, keeping you comfortable for less.

Another way to minimize future expenses related to the home is to stub in plumbing for the basement if you don’t plan to finish it during the initial construction period.

Don’t skimp on the cabinets. At the least, specify semi-custom cabinets as a good foundation for the future. They have higher quality hinges and hardware, which makes them more durable. When you or someone else wants a different look, just replace the doors.

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Bottom Line

Planning the features for a custom built home requires a careful examination of what you must have and what the market wants. It also involves working with an expert home builder like Alair Homes. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that helps you achieve your goals while staying true to your budget. By following this philosophy, you’ll have the home you want and one that makes sense as an investment.