Every two-story home includes an entryway and stairway, but these areas aren’t always given the attention they deserve. They play a major role in creating the ambience of your custom built home, and staircases have become an important piece of art in the arsenal of new homeowners. Entryways give guests the first impression of your home. If designed with thoughtfulness, both portray a well-organized owner, whereas cluttered entryways say the exact opposite. What kind of custom built home would you prefer?

Fortunately, there are uncountable ideas about staircases and entryways that will leave your visitors that lingering impression. Alair Homes has handpicked some key ideas to help you get started in your design and planning process.

Front Door

The front door is where the entryway starts. Make sure that the inside of your front door matches the interior decoration of your home. You may go to the extent of repainting your door if its color doesn’t match your inside color scheme.


Where else would you place your eye-catching wall displays if not the entryway of your custom built home? This is a great place to hang cherished photos, valuable paintings, eye-catching wall displays or a memorable piece from your antique collection. Place a mirror to create the illusion of extra space. Entryways with runners give a welcoming effect to your guests. Make sure that it doesn’t obstruct the door when opening and closing. Moreover, runners shouldn’t extend the entire hallway length.

The floor

Your staircase needs a good floor to stand out. Hardwood staircases are easy to maintain. New homeowners appreciate the simple elegance of the hardwood floors. Carpeting your stairway has numerous advantages. Among them, your kids safety and less noise. You may also paint the stairway with creative arts or choose to tile your stairway with faux tiles. These floor ideas can be combined for extra uniqueness.


Elegant stair railing create an outstanding ambience in your custom built home. Classy homes need stylish and appealing stairs. An artistic home will need custom made rails that display the same qualities. Choose a railing style that matches your design taste and meets safety requirements.


Designing a staircase from scratch requires that you plan your lighting early to ease plastering. Choose where to fix the lights whether in the wall, on the steps or from above to achieve the desired effect. Decide whether you are doing it for a functional purpose or just for decoration. The light intensity should match the entire house.


As a new homeowner of an Alair Homes custom built home, consider these ideas for your perfect entryway and staircase. For every design that you have in mind for your new home, these guidelines will deliver. However don’t limit your creativity. Use different combinations for a perfect balance. Alair Homes Parkland is available to help you during this process.