Orilla is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. Life here is laid back, friendly and focused on the things that are really important. Residents and business owners like to stay involved, and to make this even easier, Orilla has created a handy eServices web page on their site.

Navigating the Site

The eServices page is easy to navigate and contains lots of information that is helpful for residents of Orilla. Whether you’re searching for a way to get involved, stay in touch or find out more information, it’s all right at your fingertips for the highest level of self-serve convenience.
If you’ve recently interacted with a city employee or service and would like to provide feedback on your experience, use the customer service feedback form. Simply click the link to the right of the page to download the form, fill it out and email the completed form to [email protected].

Bids and Tenders in Orilla

All you need to know about bids and tenders is also available on the site. Here you can find information from departments including Environmental Services, the Fire Department, Parks, Recreation and Culture and others. Links to documents regarding each bid are also included for further research.

Growing your Business

If you’re looking to start or grow a business in Orilla, keep a link to BizPaL handy. Here you can find everything you need to know about licensing, permits and other official business related to beginning or continuing your career venture. BizPaL is free to use, available 24/7 and will save you time and money.

Calendar of Events

For individuals who are ready to get involved, learn something or have some fun in Orilla, the events calendar makes it easy to find out what you need to know about all the most popular events. The calendar can even be searched by date, event type or keyword for your convenience. Many events listed are free for residents or low cost, and several are appropriate for families and individuals of all ages.

Filing a Complaint

While Orilla is a beautiful city, sometimes things go overlooked. By filing complaints, residents can help the various city departments to stay on top of concerns and address them as quickly as possible. This helps everyone to enjoy a higher quality of life, and it makes for a more enjoyable city to live in or visit. To file a complaint, simply visit eServices and click on complaint. Then, select the appropriate area from those listed including building complaints, clean & clear, fire hazards, landlord complaints and more. Complaints are directed to the appropriate department and can be filed anytime, day or night.

Orilla’s eServices also contains many other links to help you stay involved and informed while living or visiting here. Whether you’re looking to buy opera tickets, rent a facility, book a tour of the fire hall or register for a tournament, it’s easier than ever to find everything you need in one place and whenever it’s most convenient for you.