Your child’s formative years are some of the most important in their lives. To make the most of them and to instill a love for learning that can carry throughout their lives, a great elementary school is a must. In the Orillia area of Ontario, there are many high-ranking schools you can turn to in order for your child to receive the education they deserve.

Uptergrove Public School

This is a well known public elementary school that teaches kids from kindergarten up to 8th grade. This school is dedicated to teaching children how to become an active part of their community by hosting many volunteering opportunities throughout the year. They have some of the highest rated teachers in the city and the school itself is located in a very safe area. Upergrove does have a dress code which it strictly enforced.

Notre Dame Catholic School

If you prefer a Catholic school for your child, then this is a wonderful option. This school wants every student to feel like they are a unique creation that deserves respect. They offer enrichment classes as well as many volunteer opportunities to allow children to help their community and people in more need than themselves. The school offers transportation to and from school, and it also has great after school activities that your children can enjoy. With a strict code of conduct and teachers that have the same Catholic beliefs as the children, this is a safe haven for your kids.

top ranked schools in Orillia

Marchmont Public School

This public school offers something for every child. Not only do they provide excellent teaching by qualified teachers, but they also have great sports teams and other after school activities that are run by volunteers and members of their staff. The school is dedicated to transcending race and religion, allowing each student to feel at home when they walk through the school’s doors.

Monsignor Lee Separate School

Monsignor Lee Separate School is a Catholic school. It has a fun approach to religion and learning, providing opportunities to volunteer out in the community as well as taking time to make sure that each student finds what they love to do. With their extra curricular activities that include arts, crafts, and all manner of sports, your child will find a great hobby in no time at all. Their teachers are some of the most trusted in the city and they are ready to welcome your child into their classrooms.

Couchiching Heights Public School

This public school is a great option for parents who want their kids to have access to many different activities as well as to great teachers. The school offers clubs that include sports and art classes run by volunteers, parents, and staff members. With engaging classroom atmospheres and located in a safe part of the city, this is a wonderful school choice.

Any of these schools in Orillia can be a good choice for your child. Depending on your personal beliefs and the preference of your children, you should look into each one to make the best decision.