Spring is a great time to spruce up your home and get it ready for the months ahead. With warmer temperatures and reduces chances of severe weather keeping you from getting stuff done, take this time to make sure that all the components in your home are clean, in good repair and working properly.

To keep your roof and siding safe from costly and inconvenient damage, clean your gutters annually. This won’t take more than an hour or two, and it simply involves getting up on a ladder to remove leaves and debris. While you’re up there, look for any cracks, rust or other signs of gutter damage. If you find any, get a professional to take a look and make the necessary repairs.

Your siding might need a little attention this time of year too, so plan to get out the pressure washer or garden house to clean it off. Using water and a simple industrial strength cleanser, you can easily remove mold, mildew, dirt and debris. Doing this annually will help your paint and siding to last longer, helping to reduce your household maintenance budget.

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During the coldest months of winter, you probably didn’t use your front or back porch often. Now is the time to enjoy these outdoor spaces more while sipping lemonade, enjoying backyard barbecues or saying hi to your friends and neighbors with a cup of warm coffee in your hand. Clean up the porch areas by sweeping and washing off the ground. Remove any cobwebs from light fixtures and fans and give your patio furniture a little attention by cleaning it and adding some touch paint. Wash cushions and any children’s toys so that they’re ready for everyone in the family to enjoy once again.

After the porch project is complete, take some time to wash the windows and screens. Some simple white vinegar and a bunch of microfiber cloths should do the trick. Wipe everything down, rinse it all off and consider replacing any screens that are in disrepair. Also, wipe down your sills and consider a bit of touch up paint if necessary to give your house a cleaner appearance and help to bring some sunshine in.

Saving money might also be on your mind this time of year as you turn the air conditioner on to bring down indoor temperatures. Before you switch the thermostat from heat to air, get a professional out for your regular maintenance. This individual should check the coolant, look for any signs of corrosion on your outdoor unit and give your AC the tune up in needs to run smoothly and efficiently all summer long.

Another way to save money and also protect your curb appeal in the process is by making sure that the yard irrigation system is functioning properly. Your lawn will need a lot of water in the driest months of summer, so make sure it can get it from a system that isn’t going to fail you. Test each part of your system looking for leaks and malfunctions. If you notice anything, get a professional out before you need to turn the sprinklers on to avoid sacrificing your lawn or paying for more expensive problems.

Now that spring has sprung, give your home a little bit of the attention it deserves. Just a weekend or two can help you to keep things running smoothly and enjoy your home more all summer long.