Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about living on a cute little hobby farm? Collecting the fresh eggs and fresh veggies from the garden and bringing them back to a white-washed kitchen to be prepped for supper? The “Farmhouse Daydream” is a popular one nowadays, likely because a lot of homes and kitchens have become very modern and like they say “what goes around comes around”, resulting in many homeowners wanting to recreate that “Farmhouse” feel in their own home. So even though you may not physically live on a farm with some project coordination there are many ways to achieve your dream “Farmhouse” atmosphere.


To truly achieve the “Farmhouse” look in your kitchen then be sure to start with your colour palette, try whites and creams as your base with little pops of soft or bright colours. Farm kitchens are often light, bright and airy so keep this in mind when choosing your colours.


Your kitchen cabinets can also make a huge impact to the overall feel of your kitchen. Vintage inspired cabinets can really help you feel like you’ve taken a step back into your Grandma’s kitchen – in a good way. With fresh colours or even mixing in open shelving you can still keep your kitchen feeling like it belongs in the 21st century.


You can also add small touches that will still leave a lasting impression. Details like your dishes and drinking glasses can also help with your Farmhouse vibes. Choosing dishes with vintage patterns & embossing or even finding mix match dishes from antique stores can really give you a unique and sweet look.


When we think of a farmhouse kitchen we think of good homemade meals made with loving hands. So often in Grandma’s kitchen there was the famous “Apron Rack” with a selection of aprons to choose from! To add some real Farmhouse charm hang your own apron rack somewhere in your kitchen and fill it with sweet lace and ruffle-edged aprons to wear when you’re cooking for your loved ones!

farmhouse kitchen flowers

Fresh Flowers & Plants

Another great way to successfully capture the Farmhouse look is to be sure you add fresh flowers on the centre of your kitchen table and window sill. You can also plant or buy your own little herb garden and place it in a sunny spot so you can enjoy fresh homegrown herbs in your amazing home cooked meals. Also remember to have fun with your pots and vases that you are planting in, they don’t have to be plain and boring and you don’t have to leave your plant babies in the plastic holders they come with. Try something unique like vintage tins with a hole drilled in the bottom so the water can drain.


And of course you can’t forget the kitchen sink! Most likely the cherry on top and the focal point of your Farmhouse kitchen will be your sink, and to bring it all together you will need the classic white “Farmhouse Sink” or “Apron Sink”. This style of sink is one of the first things that comes to mind when designing a “Farmhouse Kitchen” and really will transform your kitchen into your dream end result.

Most of all whenever you are designing your dream home remember to have fun and use the elements that really speak to you and make you happy. Using this list from Alair Homes Orillia as a starting point and for some inspiration, go out there and find the unique pieces that will turn your kitchen into the “Farmhouse Kitchen” you’ve always dreamed of! Maybe next you’ll be adding a little chicken coop to the backyard for those farm fresh eggs.