The entrance to your Orillia home makes a statement about your property and lifestyle. Does it say young and funky? Professional and sophisticated? Modern and eclectic? Shabby chic? If the entryway to your house isn’t saying what you would like it to, here are some simple tips for redesigning it and taking things up a notch.

Don’t Hide Your Entryway

Regardless of your décor taste or style, make sure that your entranceway can be seen. Clear clutter from your pathways, and keep bushes and shrubs from appearing overgrown. Pressure wash the porch and entryway area to keep it clean and fresh, and clean windows and glass door panes so that light easily enters your home and makes the foyer feel inviting.

Color to Give Your Home’s Entry a Pop

Next, take advantage of the benefits that color offers to make your Orillia entrance match your style. A pop of vibrant blue or red says artistic and funky. Lighter shades of blue or muted greens tell everyone that your home is a beach oasis. Black, dark blue or silver tell the world that your home is modern, sophisticated and on trend. While many people think to paint the exterior of the door, don’t forget about the interior when you pick up your brush. A splash of color inside adds new hues to the foyer, invites light in and can bring new life to an outdated entranceway.

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Simple Touches

Sometimes, new touches in the entryway are simple and easy for even the novice Orillia do-it-yourself enthusiast to take on. A new, funky door knocker is unexpected and carefree. Playful patterns created with stencils make your home stand out and feel unique. Add a Dutch door to invite sunlight and a fresh breeze in without resorting to the much more common screen door, or if you do choose a screen door, add a fun wooden cutout that is all your own and gives visitors a taste of what they’ll find inside your home.

Replacing Your Front Door

If you’re in the market to replace your front door, take the time to explore options other than the fully enclosed privacy door to help your home to stand out and make the entranceway more inviting. Glass panes that are glazed allow you to let light in your home while still maintaining the privacy that is so important to all homeowners. Sidelights that include etched or stained glass are another beautiful option, especially for those who live in older homes or prefer shabby chic décor.

Don’t Forget the Foyer

Moving inside the entryway in your Orillia home, add simple touches like mirrors to make the space feel longer. Rounded and curvy foyer light fixtures are also popular and help visitors to feel relaxed and comfortable. Add a little texture with wall artwork, plates or other decorative features to bring natural warmth to the entryway. Choose materials like wood, fabric or fabric to maximize this effect. If you have a favorite collection or hobby, the foyer is a great place to show it off, making your home personable and adding that unique touch that can really make a house your own.

When thinking about what your Orillia home expresses and how it incorporates all those little personal touches, don’t forget the entryway. Some simple changes can transform your entire living space, welcoming friends and family and giving them a little glimpse inside your lifestyle and taste.