Stairs serve many purposes. A staircase helps connect one floor to the next. Stairs also help serve as a focal point in any home as well. Many Orillia homeowners want to help show off their staircase to best effect in the house. Part of doing so is choosing the right stair runner. A stair runner can cover part of the steps of the steps or it can cover the entire stair step. Those who are looking for a runner for a single staircase or for several staircases will want to take several factors into account as they examine the choices that are available to them.

Many Types of Runners

The type of runner that is right for any given house will depend on factors that include the overall look of the home as well as the number of people who use the staircase in any given week. Proper attention to such considerations will help anyone pick out the right staircase for their specific circumstances. Finding the right choice will also depend on the entire look of the house and homeowner’s personal tastes.

Going With Synthetics

In general, companies can offer several types of materials that are used in carpet runners. Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester are hard wearing and likely to stand up well after years of usage. Such materials come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, allowing the buyer to pick out one that will be ideal for their needs. Synthetics stand up very well over time. They are also less costly.

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Wool Carpets

Another popular carpeting runner choice is wool. Wool is a very classic material that speaks of nature and luxury. While wool can be more expensive, it can last longer on the stairs than other types of materials, especially when paired with the addition of synthetic fibers such as polyester for added wear over time. Wool is also easy to care for and will readily accept many vibrant dyes, making it easy for homeowners to work with experts at companies such as Alair Homes Orillia to find the right kind of carpeting runner for them.

Picking Out Color

Color is another important part of any carpet runner. Many homeowners have a color scheme already in place in their home. For those who have chosen muted colors for the entire house, a runner in a similar shade can help keep the mood in the house truly serene and understated. Alternatively, a stair runner in a bright shade like red or turquoise can add an unexpected pop of color and make the entire area stand out and feel more modern and cheerful.

Runner Patterns

Carpet runners are also available in various patterns. A carpet runner in a pattern that fits in with other patterns in the home works well for those who like patterns. A small scale pattern can also help hide stains. As stairs are a high use area in many home, they are frequently where dirt accumulates. The small scale pattern can help the entire space avoid looking grungy.

A Unified Look

All homeowners should look closely at the available types of materials and patterns. The aim should be to create a wholly unified look that will help show off the homeowner’s personality and keep the stairs in good shape at the same time.