Whether you have plans to renovate your current home in Orillia or to bring your vision of a custom home to life through a construction project, the effort begins with your selection of a trusted and experienced home contractor. You may have heard bad stories from others in the area who have had terrible experiences with general contractors in the past, and you may be timid about choosing your own contracting firm to assist with your project. While there are some contracting firms that regularly fail to deliver on their promises, our team at Alair Homes Orillia strives to raise the bar with each project that we complete. As you complete these essential steps to vet home contracting firms, you will see why we are your top choice for services in the local area.

Requesting Recommendations

By speaking with your local friends and neighbors in the Orillia area, you may hear both positive and negative comments about different general contracting firms. Use this feedback to eliminate some companies from contention and to add others to your short list of top options. You can also find other reputable contracting firms by using websites like Angie’s List, RenoMark, the Better Business Bureau and Houzz to check out consumer reviews.

Contact References

Some people gloss over the important step of contacting references when trying to find a contracting firm to hire. After all, if online reviews are solid, you may think that contacting references directly is a waste of time. However, when you have a two-way conversation with references, you can get first-hand, detailed answers to your specific questions. Remember that any references provided to you by local contracting firms should be recent clients.

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Ask About the Service Experience

When you contact your top general contracting firms in Orillia to schedule a live meeting with a manager, take a moment to inquire about the company’s project management style. You understandably want a firm that you pay to manage your project to take an active role in monitoring the efforts of subcontractors. Unfortunately, some contractors only visit the work area every couple of days, and some companies send different managers to your property each time. This can yield slow results and shoddy workmanship. It also may make it difficult for you to get accurate updates about the progress.

Schedule an Active Interview

You could ask for an in-person consultation at the contractor’s office, but a better idea is to schedule an active interview at a few of the company’s current work sites. As you examine different projects that are in the works, you can see exactly how the firm manages its projects, the quality of work that its subcontractors do and more. You can also ask thoughtful questions to confirm how well you communicate with the manager and to get any other concerns cleared up.

You understandably have high hopes to enjoy living in your newly-built or recently-constructed home in the Orillia area. A project of this magnitude requires the oversight and attention of a skilled, experienced contractor with a great reputation in the local community. As you carefully review the many options available to consider, you will find that Alair Homes Orillia is the contracting firm that you want working on your home.