The holidays are here and so is the snow. Orillia can be a cold one, but that doesn’t mean you, friends, and family can’t find many fun and interesting things to do. Below are seven different ideas for you all to enjoy Orillia this Holiday season:

Visit the Orillia Musuem of Art and History

This smaller museum has been recently renovated and lines the small town with a cultural touchstone. It’s also a unique place for a museum, as it was once a jail and also a post office. Be sure to take a gander at the beautiful lake view while you’re there!

Stop by the Guardian Angels Church

Whether you’re religious or not, this beautiful and timeless structure deserves your attention. Even if it’s just to get out of the cold for a second, take a step inside and indulge in its unique look and rustic setting.

Get Busted at the OPP Museum

Well don’t actually – but take a visit over to this one-of-a-kind museum to learn about the honorable history Ontario’s police force. A very interesting experience for those young and old.

Meet the Critters at Scales Nature Park

Unlike most animal habitats, this is a strictly indoors affair and perfect for this time of year. Get in touch with all sorts of reptiles; from snakes to turtles, and do so in a safe way. You might end up wanting to take some of them home they’re so friendly…

Enjoy the cold at Couchiching Beach Park

While it might be a little cold for a swim, strap on your snow shoes and go for a walk beside the lake and marina for a chilly good view. It’s a clean and lush area that’s inviting, even during the sometimes unforgiving winter.

Take in the whimsy of the Stephen Leacock Museum

With its ballroom and antique appearance, this museum is a time capsule and a perfect place to take in some unique Canadian history. There are frequent events here to that add even more color to Canada’s rich history and it’s important to note that admission is always free.

Go For a Late Night at Encore

One of the better bars in Ontario – this night spot is perfect for those of age. Be sure to try their fish and chips before you get your dance shoes on!

These seven things are a great starting point for anyone visiting or living in/around the area. So put on that snow jacket and step out and enjoy the wonders that Orillia has to offer!