Creating a beautiful kitchen is one of the most important steps to take when building a home. Although the layout of the building should be functional, the design of the interior setting is also a key part of creating an updated and beautiful home. If you want your kitchen to look appealing, there are a few 2018 trends to consider when building your dream house.

Wood Floors

Although wood floors have been trending for several years, they continue to be a popular look for homes in 2018 due to the consistency that they provide. A variety of color shades are available. This makes it easy to pair wood boards with the different materials that are used in the home. Wood isn’t necessarily durable when it comes to spills, but the material stands the test of time with a minimal amount of upkeep. They are easy to clean and do not require scrubbing the grout such as with tiles.

French-door Fridges

French-door fridges are perfect for kitchens that are smaller in size. They do not have to open wide and offer more space inside for storing your food items. They look chic and never outdated. Consider adding a French-door fridge that is stainless steel or black. These remain the top finishes trending for appliances.

Quartz Countertops

When selecting the countertops in your Alair Homes Orillia property, look for a material that is hard wearing but also beautiful. Although marble is one of the top choices for new homeowners, the stone easily stains and wears quickly. Quartz countertops are manufactured but resemble a variety of natural stones. They make the interior setting of your kitchen appear upscale. Select a style that looks beautiful with the cabinets. A variety of color choices are available. Quartz is affordable versus even many granite slabs and is an ideal option with children in the home.

Appliance Columns

Appliance columns make the room appear seamless with spaces that allow the dishwasher and refrigerator to fit perfectly. They prevent any gaps from being present and ensure that your appliances fit in the room without having to buy a different product that is smaller.

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Functional Lighting

Functional lighting creates layers of light. They draw attention to specific parts of the room and are used for making the interior setting appear high-end. Functional lighting includes installing recessed lights on the ceiling and track lights above an island. Not only do they enhance the ambiance of the room, but they also make it easier to see when you are chopping food and prepping meals.

Pendant lights look beautiful when used over the sink or an island for additional illumination in the space. The style of sconces that is used on the lights will contribute to the design of the room.

Have fun selecting a specific style for each room when building your custom home. By knowing the latest trends for 2018, you will feel proud of the outcome and help your house to feel like a home.