Spring has sprung and with spring cleaning comes spring redecorating. If you’ve given your home a new lease on life, why not update the decor to match? Bring some of the gentle beauty of the season inside with these easy do-it-yourself crafts, guaranteed to give your home joyful pops of color.

Repurpose a Colander

With a coat of spray paint and sealer and a few yards of twine, a colander lends itself beautifully to acting as a hanging flower basket, with holes for drainage and handles to hang it by.

Swap Out Pantry Doors

For a rustic feel in your kitchen, trade your standard pantry door out for a screen door. For even more impact, give the door a colorful coat of paint before you hang it.

Craft a Table Runner

Bring spring’s florals indoors with an easy sewing project. Measure your table and pick out a print that speaks to you, then simply hem the edges. For an even more foolproof and colorful method, pick up floral handkerchiefs and sew them together.

Dress Up a Vase

Take a vase and wrap it tightly in a doily, snip away any excess, and sew to secure it. With a clear glass vase, the optical illusion created is almost magical.

Freshen up Drawers

With a square of fabric and some thread, you can craft a sweet-smelling satchel. Simply fold three corners in to the center and stitch to secure, fill the pouch, and fold the last corner down like an envelope flap. Stitch closed or, for added oomph, attach a button and secure.

Pocket Picture

If you’ve got a spare picture frame, drop the glass and attach strips of mat board to create storage pockets. Display photos, postcards, or other mementos as quickly as you can slide them in.

Rosey Napkin Rings

Dress up your table in just a few seconds with faux flowers and hair elastics. Pick your buds and attach to a plain hair tie with a few quick stitches.

Jelly Bean Branches

Gather twigs from the yard and hot glue jelly beans to give the look of vibrant, colorful buds, as appetizing as they are attractive.

Fruity Welcome Mats

Start guests off on the right foot with a fruit slice welcome mat. Take a plain circular mat, cut it in half, and spray paint it to look like a piece of watermelon, or a lemon wedge.

Make Mossy Coasters

Glue or mod podge moss mats to plain cork coasters to bring your garden indoors.

Revamp Votive Holders

If your plain glass tea light holders don’t feel festive enough, cut tissue paper petals and secure with glue for a pop of seasonal color.

Rehome Fairies

Fairy gardens are all the rage, but for a unique twist, create one in an old basket instead of a terrarium. Create your own pieces from polymer clay, or snap some up online.

Cut a Rug

You’ll feel like dancing after you give a room a whole new aesthetic with a differently shaped rug. Try turning one into a cloud, or a flower.

Glam Pots

Take your planters up a notch with a fresh coat of paint. For an extra chic look, paint only half for a dip-dyed appearance, or paint on adhesive and stick with gold leaf to bring some shine.

Accent Your Walls

Houzz suggests a great way to liven up a room with painter’s tape, a bright color, and some elbow grease, you can make a splash without overpowering a space.