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Custom home builders can design a home for you from the ground up but if you are buying an existing home, you will likely have a few features that are unsightly. There are often relatively simple solutions for these problems. Here are some of the tricks that you can use:

  1. Stripes for an Overly Narrow Space
    Use stripes to create the illusion of a larger room. This can work with narrow or wide stripes. Stripes make your eyes travel horizontally and this can make a room look wider than it really is.
  2. Use White in Your Décor
    A white palette or colors with a soft tone can lead your eyes to a window and thus to the outside. This too can help to create the illusion of a larger room in a narrow, cramped space. You want to limit the use of textures and patterns as this can distract you from the window and the outdoors.
  3. Bold Colors
    A small room painted in a single bold color can help you to create a snug and welcoming space. The right finish can also help to make it feel luxurious.
  4. Use Divided Space
    Large rooms may not be practical. By marking out different spaces within an open plan, you can make the room more functional while also providing privacy. Use an aesthetically appealing divider to enhance the décor without altering the room permanently. You can even use a divider to create a room within the larger space. Room dividers may not be as permanent as walls but they can still provide a high level of privacy. One way to divide a large room is by hanging curtains on a ceiling track thus allowing sections of a room to be separated whenever necessary.
  5. Embrace Exposed Plumbing
    Exposed pipes are common in industrial buildings and converted warehouses. The simplest way to deal with this is to make your exposed plumbing a feature. Consider painting the pipes to make them more appealing. This will give your home that industrial feel that many designers strive to create. You may even want to add additional pipes to extend the theme to rooms where plumbing may not be exposed. Talk to your designer or custom home builders if you are adding this in a home designed specifically for you.  These pipes do not necessarily have to be functional.
  6. Block Unappealing Views With Blinds
    Even with a custom home, unattractive views and nosy neighbors can be a problem. Blinds can help you to block out unappealing views or make your space more private.
  7. High Curtains Help With Low Ceilings
    While custom home builders can provide you with higher ceilings, you will have to work with the ones you have if you purchase an existing home. Use high curtains from the ceiling to the floor to counter a very low ceiling. These can give the impression of height.