Does the threat of the oncoming winter season leave you shivering in despair? How can you make the home improvements you need to keep your home safeguarded from the elements? Cooler weather happens. Here are a few helpful tips to prep your property for the inevitable:

Check Your List Twice

Do you have a “to-do list”? If you do, check where you are at in the process. Organize your list into “must dos” to ensure your ideal comfort level is maintained during the winter months. Home improvements like upgrading wall insulation, checking and perhaps replacing the heating system, installing energy efficient windows, or other similar projects can help keep you and your loved ones safe and secure. If they’re on your list, do those first. You can stop the cold from interrupting your day-to-day with a little preventative action.

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Do a Piping Prep

Once your home is sealed tight against the cold, it’s time for a plumbing check. Exterior drains, faucets and pipes in and outside of the home are vulnerable to icy exposure. Keep pipes from bursting by adding insulating materials to keep them warm. Creating barriers against plummeting temperatures can keep your water running and save you money when the chill hits.

Stop the Slip ‘n’ Slide

No matter what age you are, falling is never fun. Wooden decks, cement walkways, and other high traffic areas are often not shielded from the cold. Power washing areas that become slick or slimy from excessive moisture can prevent dangerous accidents triggered by slippery frost. Installing cables that heat rooflines or driveways can keep the cold away and ensure safety is a top priority.

Take Cover

Are you an avid outdoor entertainer? How does your patio furniture handle in cold weather? No matter how durable your outdoor furniture appears to be, it’s still wise to keep it covered and out of climate extremes. The simple addition of a weatherproofing cover or the addition of a tarp can preserve your outdoor decor for years to come.

Store it Up

Upgrade your storage areas. Bins made from strong materials that won’t succumb to exposure to moisture are ideal storage options. Is your garage well insulated? If it’s not, then investing in functional home improvements like durable shelving that keep small and large tools off cold floors will be worth your while. Metal racks are also a great option especially if a portion of your garage doubles as a pantry. The key to protecting your valuables or perishables all depends on how well you insulate them against the oncoming freeze.

Larger Home Renovations

If the time is right for a more major home renovation, such as a home addition, kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, work with a professional contractor to get the job done right and save yourself some time prepping for winters to come. Adding the right type of insulation, including energy efficient features and even a well thought out placement of doors and windows can help to keep your home warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and more comfortable year round.

Home Improvements that Make a Difference

Stop Jack Frost from wreaking havoc on your peace of mind. It’s all about the preparation. At Alair Homes, we recommend you start off with the right winterizing home improvements to keep the cold out and the comfort in. Your home sweet home can be a cozy and welcoming place when you insulate and appropriate the best tools for the job. Prioritizing your winter checklist will produce results that shield your family and property from the icy hand of winter’s often costly reality.