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The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the home. It is where most people spend time getting ready for their day. If you want to enjoy spending time bathing or doing your hair, it’s important that the bathroom is beautifully decorated. When you’re ready to create a luxe setting, Alair Homes Oakville offers a few important tips to follow.

Use a Glamorous Mirror

The mirror is one of the staples of the room. It should be decorative to ensure that it also contributes to the bathroom design. Choose a mirror that has scalloped edges or a glitzy frame that looks upscale. You can also install a sconce on each side of the mirror for extra appeal.

Add New Hardware

The hardware is often underestimated but can help the room to look chic. Add new hardware that has a brass or silver finish to make the space look updated and contemporary. You can update the cabinets or a vanity without installing a new product, which will make for a budget-friendly project. The style of the handles or knobs should also be coordinated with another decor item in the setting. The hardware can match with one of the light fixtures or a lamp that is on display.

Use a Lavish Hand Soap

One of the most noticeable details to your guests will be the hand soap and lotion that is available. With the use of a lavish hand soap, you’ll create a space that feels like a spa. Make a small investment in soap that smells delicious and doesn’t dry out the hands. Group the lotion and hand soap together in a small tray where you can also add a candle or a bouquet of flowers. The smells create a calming effect in the home and will allow the space to feel fresh.

Display White Towels

Use beautiful white towels that can be put on display and will allow the home to feel like a hotel. Instead of keeping the linens hidden in the cupboard, you can stack them on a shelf or roll them up in a wicker basket under the sink. The plush towels will look cozy and inviting, which will make it easier to bathe and have the items within reach.

Make Use of Apothecary Jars

Many personal items can quickly become cluttered in the home due to a lack of storage space. You can allow your beauty products or toiletries to contribute to the design of the setting with the use of apothecary jars, which can be used to organize everyday items that are always in use. The clear jars will look minimal and will make it easy to find cotton balls or bath salts that are needed. Use them in threes to make look luxurious without appearing cluttered.

Keep Everything Clean

Dirty countertops or strands of hair on the floor can make it difficult to relax while using the restroom or bathing. Keep toothpaste or q-tips in the medicine cabinet and hide hair tools away in a basket in one of the storage areas. You’ll also want to wipe down the baseboards and wash the shower curtain periodically.