It’s always exciting to know what’s trending in home design, whether it’s finding out about the latest paint colors or the best new fixtures. Trends can help you plan for a renovation by giving you ideas and inspiration. You can work with a contractor like Alair Homes Oakville to help institute some of these trends and design ideas into your space. Here’s what’s trending in kitchen design for 2017.

Colorful Cabinets

This is a trend that has been gaining upward momentum in the last few years and will continue to do so. White cabinets aren’t going anywhere but it’s most likely we will see a mix of color choices in the kitchen with darker cabinets on lower cabinets and islands and lighter colors on upper cabinets. The trend is towards dark navy, charcoal, and black. Gray is also another popular choice.

Large Windows

People are no longer afraid to forgo upper cabinets and many are doing so and using the available space to add large feature windows. Feature windows are a huge trend this year. Homeowners like the idea of being able to bring in natural light and the beauty of the outdoors into their cooking space.

Kitchen Renovations
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Homeowners are really beginning to play with texture in kitchens. The mix and match of different textures helps to make a kitchen more interesting and visually appealing. From a rough and textured handmade tile backsplash to a honed countertop, mixing these elements is a unique way to introduce many different surfaces into the kitchen.


Kitchens are the heart of a home and a place where family gathers every day to cook and entertain. In the past a kitchen was not very reflective of its inhabitants and held just the basic tools and appliances. Homeowners are beginning to change this by adding art and colorful rugs and collections. With the incorporation of open shelving people are putting their best items on display and showing off a little more of who they are and where they come from.

Flat-Panel Cabinet Doors

Flat-panel doors are increasing in popularity due to their simple and clean look. As personalization and other elements are introduced, people are looking to streamline cabinetry. This is another area where texture is being brought in as homeowners are going for rough cut oak and other elements to add to the look and design of their cabinetry.

Smarter Appliances

There is definitely an upward trend towards smart appliances. Smart phones can now link in to appliances to keep cooks tuned in to what’s on the stove or in the oven. With the touch of a button you will be able to turn on an appliance on your way home from work. Homeowners are also turning towards small appliances like single unit induction elements and built-in steam ovens. The trend is towards more simple prep and clean up and people are getting away from the use of large stoves and ovens.


Kitchens are trending more towards angular shapes in backsplash tile. Patterns like hexagon, herringbone, and chevron are becoming popular because they add visual interest and provide a nice contrast to an otherwise minimal color palette.