Your home is full of many rooms, all of which play important roles to you and your family. Every room has its function but it’s not the functionality of the room that makes it vital to your home, it’s the actions and interactions of the individuals and family members in those rooms that make the rooms special.

It has long been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. From the first cup of coffee in the morning, to the last dish being put away in the evening, the kitchen in my home truly is the hub. The day always starts and ends in the kitchen. It’s the place where our bodies and minds are fuelled for the day.

The Three Key Ingredients in Kitchen Enjoyment

There are certainly things that I love about my kitchen and on the flip side things that I would love to change. The three main things that standout in my mind about our kitchen are:

1. The open-ness;

2. The comfort factor; and

3. Work flow.


As a family of 4 and having two young kids, the open-ness of our kitchen is a big plus. My kids are always wanting to help out in the kitchen but the key to that is having the ability to setup multiple work stations so everyone is included. So having lots of counter space for everyone to work on is a must have.

Comfort Factor

The comfort factor is probably one of the most important when it comes to entertaining. Like most homes, our home has a formal dining room, living room and family room. However, no matter what the occasion, the kitchen always seems to have this amazing way of bringing people in. Whether it be the smallest friend gathering or biggest family function, our kitchen always ends up with a multitude of people in it, eating, drinking, chatting or simply just enjoying the smells radiating from the oven. It never ceases to amaze me how it happens, even when my wife tries to shuffle the people into more comfortable seating.

Work Flow

This leaves us with work flow. Possibly just as important as the comfort factor, the kitchen must allow the cohesive flow for whoever is running the show. My wife will be the first to admit, that the kitchen is my domain. Coming from an Italian family, that loves to cook, having a space that allows for free movement from one station to another certainly is a big plus. The ability to move freely as I’m preparing a meal, whether it’s just another weeknight dinner for us, or a holiday family get together, it’s imperative to be able to move in the kitchen without obstacles in your way.

So whether you are looking to do a simple upgrade to your appliances or a complete kitchen overhaul, try to keep in mind open-ness, comfort and work flow. I know for myself and my family these are 3 key ingredients for our kitchen to work.