Whether you’re renovating your first home in Oakville or building the custom built home of your dreams, which builder you choose makes a difference. A professional, knowledgeable general contractor will get the job done right, while a less experienced construction can cost you time and money, causing lots of frustrations.

Fortunately, there are many skilled builders in Oakville, ready to assist with your projects and help your family to realize goals. Finding the right person to work with does take a little time and effort, but it’s certainly worth your while to invest both and hire the best person for your needs.

If you’re considering acting as your own general contractor, stop and think before making this important decision. While it might seem simple to hire and manage sub-contractors, there are many complex tasks that go into building or renovating a home, and if you’re not a professional, it’s easy to overlook some of them. This mistake can cost you time and money, and it might even be detrimental to the project. A general contracting professional offers you a single point of responsibility, someone to remain on site when sub-contractors are in the home and warranty protection if any component of your job goes wrong.

Now that you understand the importance of hiring a general contractor, start your search by having a good idea about your plans and strategy. Pick out your home site if you’re building a custom built home, and have some drawings or design plans on hand whether you’re building or renovating. Some general contractors can assist you with developing these plans, but don’t expect to narrow down the cost of your project until after they’re finalized.

Even if you’re only in the design stage of your project, have a good idea about the scope. Knowing whether your plans include building a multi-million dollar estate or simply completing a small bathroom renovation can help you narrow the list down to the right Oakville building professionals. Since some firms specialize in small projects and others are more proficient in handling larger, more detailed work, hiring the right team can save you money, time and frustration. There are some companies, like Alair Homes Oakville, who specialize in projects both large and small, but be sure to ask all of the teams you interview to ensure their expertise is in line with your construction plans.

After interviewing several general contractors and narrowing your list down to two or three, make your final choice by comparing everything apples to apples. Look at what the contractor offers as far as value, transparency, workmanship and warranty. Be honest with each one and specific about your goals. The more specific you are, the better chance each builder has of providing you with an accurate estimate so you can make a fair comparison.

Once you’ve made your final selection, it’s time to let your project manager take over, to a certain extent. It’s your builder’s responsibility to know who is on site, what they’re doing and how fast it’s expected to get done. You’ve hired this person to look after your interests, and they should be expected to do just that. If you have a question or concern, go to your project manager rather than approaching a sub-contractor directly. Stay informed about what’s going on at the construction site, and expect transparent communication from your project manager. Try not to take over so as to avoid confusion, delays and costly mistakes.

Navigating a successful custom built home or home renovation in Oakville requires organization, attention to detail and most importantly, hiring the right general contractor. Take some time to get this step right, and you’ll be well on your way to completing a successful project on time, on budget and without undue frustrations.