An open floor plan allows movement from the shared living spaces to flow easily, and also allows plenty of space for family bonding over games, meals and movies. With an open floor plan, however, noise can be an issue. Using methods to break the rooms up and absorb sound without interrupting the flow between each space is possible with these methods.

Area Rugs and Carpeting

Thick, plush carpets in main living spaces, such as the formal living room and dining room, help absorb sound. Opt for solid colored rugs if you prefer a minimalist look, or use over dyed Oriental rugs for a traditional-meets modern style that gives the space bold color while absorbing sound. For a classic option in family homes, install wall-to-wall carpeting. When paired with thick under padding, carpeting significantly reduces sound transference between spaces.

Decorate with Fabric

Fabrics are also an option for creating quieter spaces. A wall of padded, fabric covered panels is an option that is easy to customize to suit the decor theme. For a more decadent, opulent style, hang Old World-style tapestries on one wall in the space to absorb sound. Tapestries are perfect for adding color and texture to minimalist spaces that are decorated in neutral colors.

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To keep things simple, add upholstered furnishings and plenty of plump throw pillows to the space. The furnishings and pillows help break sound up so it doesn’t carry through the rooms as easily. Oversized fabric canvases are also an option to help break sound up.

Optional Doors

To give your space more flexibility, consider installing wide doors between some spaces. Pocket doors, or doors the hide inside the wall when they aren’t in use, and reclaimed barn doors are both options for a flexible floor plan. Alair HomesĀ OakvilleĀ can install pocket doors between spaces, or assist you with other flexible options, for a floor plan that you can customize to suit the day.

Softening Sound

The overall design of an open floor plan has a big impact on how well sound carries. A sloped ceiling buffers sound slightly, and a ceiling with angles and nooks buffers sound very well. Consider altering the space to soften sound, or install a sound absorbing material on the walls or ceiling.

For instance, cork wall panels are an eco-friendly option that absorbs sound. A cork wall also has the benefit of doubling as a pinboard for messages, homework and kid’s art for a personal space that suits busy family lifestyles perfectly. Acoustical tiles are also an option to soften sound. Install the tiles on an entire wall for super-sound absorption, or install the tiles on columns and smaller areas to lightly soften sounds.

With a few changes, an open floor plan can be comfortably quiet. From making basic decor choices to making renovations to create a quieter, more flexible space, an open floor plan can easily become a customized space that for the entire family to enjoy.