So you have seen the pictures in the magazines and on the web, but you still have no idea how to get that open-style restaurant in your home. You want to do an industrial design, but where do you start? Begin with the large items first. You can always tone down or liven up the central space with smaller details.

Begin with metal, concrete, and brick

Every industrial design incorporates some natural building elements. People with exposed ductwork or brick walls already have a head start on the style. For those of you who want these items in your home, then it is vital to decide what material you want to use and which piece you will use as your focal point. You can opt for stainless steel counters or island. Another idea is to use metal shelves or appliances. Once you have the big ticket items figured out, it is time to add some things to warm up the space. Concrete pairs well with wrought iron details or copper. You can use copper piping for lighting to give the kitchen space more of a restaurant feel.

Lipan St- Sunnyside
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Add in a dash of wood tones in all shades

Eclectic design is a huge part of the industrial style. The design often mixes in without many people even realizing it. Adding a wooden dining table and chairs that have metal legs is an excellent way to get that bistro feel that you have always wanted. You can use open shelving so that you can show off your pots and pans, or better yet, hang them from the copper pipes that you used for the lights. Another option that is seen in many modern homes is the use of various wood tones in the same space. Some people even use mix-match dining chairs to get more of an informal atmosphere.

Sprinkle in some industrial art and plants

Toning down the hard aspects of the room is just as important as adding key features of the industrial variety. Plants and strategically placed accessories make your kitchen more inviting while complimenting the design. For instance, a stainless steel hood over your range is a good way of creating a focal point. You can offset the crisp lines by adding plants to a wrought iron shelf off to each side of the hood. Consider using only lower cabinets to make the look more authentic, according to Houzz.

Decorate with a few special items

Add a vintage cabinet or table to create a unique island. You can pair bench seating with the table to enhance the industrial feel of the kitchen. Install a coiled restaurant faucet to get everyone talking about the look of the room.

If you want the look and feel of your favorite restaurant in, then contact an expert contractor like those at Alair Homes Oakville to find out how they can help you achieve the look you want without costing an arm and a leg. If you want simple design help, then their professional designers can give you more tips to help you cook up the design of your dreams. You may find that their recipe is much tastier than yours.