Wallpaper is not just for bathrooms or bedrooms anymore, they can be used in your kitchen. When it’s time for a kitchen renovation consider saving yourself a ton of money and simply change things up with wallpaper. Update and revamp the look of your Oakville kitchen with hanging wallpaper in 10 different areas.

Accent a Wall

Choose a wall to place wallpaper on to make it a focal point in the room. If you want to just add a pop of color or don’t want to have to hang anything on the wall such as a piece of artwork then select a uniquely designed and patterned wallpaper.

The Island

You can do a lot with the island in the middle of your Oakville kitchen. Get creative with a patterned wallpaper on one side of the island to make it stand out. You can match it up with the colors in your kitchen or utilize floral patterns to spruce up the feeling of a kitchen.

Behind open shelves

If you have shelves in your kitchen that you have displayed various artifacts, dishes or nic-nacs then consider putting wallpaper behind the shelves. This will not only bring out the items on the shelf but put forward an additional area for expressing yourself and making your kitchen stand out from your friends and family.


No one would ever thing to wallpaper the ceiling. You can be among the first to use it. Where lights hand from the ceiling would be the perfect area to put wallpaper. Typically light fixtures will have borders surrounding the area that hangs the lights. Cover that particular ceiling area with colorful wallpaper.

kitchen wallpaper


Kitchen renovation often includes renewing the backsplash. Why not wallpaper the area rather than having to use tiles or stones? Enhance the look of your sink area without putting out much effort. Simply use a wallpaper sealer and an acrylic panel to help protect the life of the paper from water and stains.

The Bar area

If you have a large enough kitchen that includes a bar hidden behind a door or extended from the kitchen then consider creating a separate look to make your kitchen look even larger. Place wallpaper on the backing of the bar wall where your liquor stands.

The Pantry

Instead of having a dull looking pantry you can liven it up with some colorful patterned wallpaper. When someone goes into your pantry they cannot help but notice your new kitchen renovation.

Behind or Above the Range

The range can be a focal point in the kitchen especially if you place a nicely patterned or complimentary colored wallpaper behind it.

The Kitchen Entrance

This could be an attention getter for your newly renovated kitchen. As your guests enter the area they will take notice to your newly designed entrance with a neutrally designed wallpaper to transition from one room to the kitchen.

Eating area

If you have a built in seating area in your kitchen or a dining area that connects to your kitchen, you can go with the same theme or colors with the use of a wallpaper on one particular wall.

With all of these areas in mind you can complete your kitchen renovation using less money and less hard work to create something that looks brand new.