Congratulations on your new custom built home. Owning a home is a dream many people never live to experience. But, you’ve done it! May you live to enjoy the property for many years.

Now, the idea is to make as many additions and upgrades to the home as possible, not only to make the place more livable but also increase its value. And, we know exactly what areas to focus on:

Kitchen Upgrades

Experts are unanimous on this – kitchen upgrades fetch the highest ROI (return on investment). So, this is where you should begin. Ideally, you want to start by investing in quiet and quality dishwashers, microwave drawers, under-counter beverage centers, and stand-alone hoods. These are additions that have immediate use but can also stay long enough to impact the home’s sale price later on.

Once you’re done with those, consider upgrading your cabinets. Even a semi-custom cabinet comes with better finish options and higher quality materials. If possible, extend both the length and height of the cabinets for a sleek, custom look and extra storage.

Down the road, you may also want to install pull-out pantries over open shelving. Not only does this create more working space, it also makes it easier to access items from the shelves.

Lighting Updates

You can never have too much lighting in a home. But, it’s also important to keep ROI in mind. You don’t want to just install new lights without adding value to your custom built home.

So, we recommend that you first identify rooms where lighting would improve the atmosphere. Two spaces come to mind; the kitchen and bathroom. The reason for this is that these are the two places most neglected when it comes to lighting. Working some magic in these two areas would therefore help your property stand out.

In the bathroom, opt for overhead and task lights, such as ceiling fixtures plus scones. In the kitchen, in addition to recessed lighting and installing a pendant over your island, consider under-cabinet lighting, inside glass cabinet lighting, and task lighting in areas considered key to everyday life.

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Flooring Upgrades

This doesn’t mean that your current flooring material isn’t up to scratch; it just means that you should be thinking in terms of what buyers want.

From our experience, hardwood should be your first option. It’s durable, easy to clean, and very marketable. According to 99% of Realtors, homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell. The homes also tend to sell for more money.

Another high flyer is luxury vinyl. In fact, for high-end homes, luxury vinyl floors attract better prices compared to hardwood. If you can afford those scratch-resistant varieties that come with pet-proofing, you’re guaranteed a significant return on the investment. They are expensive though, so prepare to spend a bit.

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Of course, there are many other value-adding updates that you can make in your custom built home. Alair Homes is here to help. Let’s review your lifestyle needs and your family’s priorities to come up with a list of upgrades for your custom home that truly makes sense.