While there are plenty of ways to save money by doing it yourself, custom home building isn’t a project to embark on without professional support. With so much at stake, the high risks of building a home would hardly be offset by any money saved. Construction in general is multidisciplinary, and in today’s world, complicated at best.

Building codes, local ordinances, complex products and materials and infrastructure requirements are but a few of the reasons to hire the best custom home building expert you can find. Others include the need for:

Expertise in Residential Construction

Knowledge in abundance is something that everyone wants their custom home contractor to have. When you hire a builder to manage your home construction, you’ve retained someone who has knowledge and experience with every phase of construction.

General contractors must have a working knowledge of the systems inside homes, like electrical, plumbing and heating and cooling. Most areas test applicants for their knowledge, and some require apprenticeships in at least one discipline.

After testing, they have to maintain their license and carry financial bonds and liability insurance to protect themselves and their clients. Some municipalities require continuing education credits to keep the license active, while others simply need proof of insurance. The board of contractors is a good place to check the license of a general contractor.

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Nobody builds a home in a vacuum, and your contractor will have to coordinate all the schedules. There is a logical order to building a home that starts at the city for approvals and moves to the job site. As the house comes up from the ground, your custom builder will have to manage subcontractors onsite and schedule all the inspections your jurisdiction requires.

There will also be inspections between you and the general contractor as building progresses. At these meetings, you’ll learn the many details of the construction of your home.

Time in the Business

Knowing what’s possible in custom home building will help you as a client, since homebuilding in general is complicated and involved. A custom builder will have exposure to the many options available for materials, features and appliances.

A builder who is familiar with everything from the rain gutters outside to the appliances in the kitchen and laundry provides guidance when you’re selecting materials you’re not entirely familiar with.

Finding the right subcontractors is also part of custom home building. A builder who has local ties will have trusted relationships with all the trades who will build your home. It’s important to have first-hand experience to make informed hiring decisions.

Budget Control

Building a custom home requires a good deal of cash flow and money management. Without a seasoned general contractor, taking care of the construction loans and paying the vendors requires a learning curve all of its own.

Bottom Line

Little about custom home building lends itself to self-management. A highly experienced custom home builder will smooth the process as you go forward. There’s so much to risk and little to gain by undertaking such a project yourself. A pro at your side helps you meet the deadlines and even more important, pass the inspections and meet your own high expectations.

Alair Homes is here to take on this challenging, exciting and demanding task. We’ll work with you every step of the way while you maintain control over your home building experience. Contact us to schedule your consultation.