Have you been feeling lethargic lately in your own home? Are you looking for a little mood elevator? How you decorate your home determines how you feel. The color, furniture arrangement, sounds, and scent of your home all affect mood and even mental health. For psychological and physical comfort, humans need living spaces that feel secure and safe. This proves a well organized and beautiful home will uplift your mood and make you feel happier.  Here are seven ideal home improvement ideas to raise your spirits.

De-Clutter Your Home Entrance

The doorway is meant to open up into a world of positive energy. Make sure that your main entrance is beautiful, warm and welcoming. Never fear as this has got to be among the easiest home improvements today! The door should be able to open up to 90 degrees- remove anything standing in its way. Discard things that you do not like and instead display pictures, artwork and other stuff that you love. Piles of bills should not be anywhere near the entrance. Adding some extra lighting and use of vibrant colors to liven up the space is also recommended.


Upgrading does not necessarily mean disposing your current furniture and buying the latest in the market. Just like changing color and lighting, you can transform your items to make them look more attractive and pleasing to the eyes. For example, you can replace the many scuffs on your dinner table with a colorful and more inviting table cloth. If your sofa looks boring, add some throw pillows or a soft blanket. Remove the restrictive sliding door between your dining and living room and instead add a coffee table. The options are endless!

Get Creative

Want to improve the atmosphere of your home? Include creative and natural elements such as floral arrangements or paintings that evoke feelings of serenity and calmness. Any form of art will have a therapeutic effect on your feelings. Using wallpaper to create an artistic feature wall or use contrasting shades of paint. Wall coverings, framed family pictures or beautiful rugs can add flair to your living space and trigger good vibes.

Smell Matters

There are scents that make us remember past events, right? This shows that the sense of smell is connected to emotions and memories. Smell is like tasting or touching something from afar, and this usually has a dramatic impact on your mood. Certain scents elicit different moods just like colors. Use lavender to reduce stress, lemon to increase concentration, peppermint to promote clear thinking and rosemary to boost energy. Burn scented candles, and essential oils to concoct your atmosphere.

Have a Water Pitcher

Since caffeine is a stimulant, it can increase anxiety. In contrast, according to research, staying hydrated can relieve anxiety symptoms and stress. For this reason, challenge yourself to drink more water while at home. Trade your second cup of coffee or tea for a water pitcher you can carry to your study room.

Invest In a Writing Desk

You might want to write down your thoughts and ideas that mostly flow in the middle of the night. Place a working desk in your bedroom. Keeping a daily journal has been proven to regulate mental health. There is no better way to express your thoughts than jotting them down. If you cannot afford a writing desk, some soft pillows in a corner will come in handy. A small space to collect your thoughts is all that’s needed to help ease your mind.

Get a White Noise Machine

Most people sleep better when there is soothing background noise. Though it seems counter-intuitive, the idea has been proven to be true. Have a white noise machine or fan in your bedroom to sleep well. There are also apps you can download to help combat anxiety.

custom living room with extra plants and blankets around the room

If you want to make your home a happy space, start with small home improvements. Try several (or all) of the home improvement ideas above and you’ll be surprised by how quickly your spirit is lifted.