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Some homeowners don’t treat home renovations with the respect these renovations deserve. Some think that they can just do the work without detailed planning. Others don’t bother to save for the renovations or reserve enough for contingency funds. Still others go about the process of finding renovation contractors very casually.

You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you take any of these routes. Much like building a new home, home additions and other major home renovations require time and thoughtful consideration to achieve professional results.

The following are common dos and don’ts to help you plan and execute a successful home renovation project;

Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas

Home Renovation Dos

Buy Quality Appliances

If you are renovating your kitchen or adding a new kitchenette to your basement, prioritize product quality. Aside from their long lifespan, quality products don’t break easily and therefore will save you on repairs down the road. Top brand names are also known to positively affect buyer impression which matters for resale value down the line. So, make sure you review manufacturers and warranties.

Choose Neutral Colours

This applies especially when looking forward to sell the home. Don’t just assume that everyone will like your bold colours; some won’t. Neutral colours are the only way to remove judgment. Additionally, studies show that neutral colors blend better with furniture than bold colours. If you want to add colour to your home, it’s often better to use accent pieces or home decor items than to paint an entire room in a bold shade.

Add lighting with Mirrors

Lighting is high up on buyers’ priority lists. If a few rooms in your home are dark and pale, that alone could turn away potential buyers. If adding more windows or overhead lighting isn’t an option, considering incorporating a few mirrors into your home renovation project. They reflect light and can make a room feel brighter and larger.

Consider your ROI

Renovations are only worthwhile if they truly add to your investment. To this end, it’s important to evaluate what you’re getting from the additions. Whether it’s a home addition, outdoor living space, or en suite master bath, ask yourself whether it adds value to the property and, if so, how much?

Home Renovation Don’ts

Don’t DIY

Sure, you could lay your own hardwood floors and perhaps even tile your own backsplash, but should you? Even if it would save you money, DIY has been proven to compromise project quality. Low quality renovations negatively impact the value of the home. For a more extensive home renovation, not hiring a professional can lead to expensive mistakes and might even compromise the quality and safety of your home.

Don’t Follow Bold Trends

It’s nice to browse websites and high-end magazines. But, it’s often not smart to directly copy the trends you see in those magazines when doing your renovations. That’s because trends come and go quickly. Additionally, those flashy trends can be incredibly expensive, assuming you get them right.

Don’t Use Many Different Finishes

Cohesion is critical in the home. In the absence of cohesion, all you’ll have is chaos. No one wants chaos. To this end, limit yourself to as few finishes as possible. From paint on the walls to finishes on various surfaces, keep it to a minimum. .

Don’t Throw Away Receipts

Obviously, receipts won’t improve the quality of your renovations. However, they can help your finances because you need receipts to claim tax deductions on home renovation projects. Receipts are also sometimes necessary should you ever need to file a warranty claim.

There are a lot of potential mistakes to be made when renovating your home. However, with the help of a professional, it’s easier to get the job done right. Alair Homes North Vancouver is here to help. Contact us to schedule a complimentary, no obligation consultation.