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You perhaps have a clear a picture of what your dream house should look like, but you are yet to find the best land to make it a reality. The process of constructing a custom built home can be a tall order and a case in point is pinpointing the most ideal land. This write-up reveals secrets that will help you identify the most appropriate plot of land.

Consult An Expert

This might not seem important, but working with professionals like builders and architects can save you a lot of trouble. Such professionals have what it takes to examine your property and tell if you will be allowed to do what you desire on the given plot of land. As a potential homeowner, you might not be able to identify land features that prohibit various building aspects yet this is something that an architect can easily point out as a duck takes to water.

Research The Property

Scouting for information touching on septic connections, zoning, energy codes, wetlands, among others is essential. Such factors dictate what you can and can’t do with your land. Zoning, for instance, is likely to affect your house’s height, the designated distance from the street, to mention but a few. Always do some research after coming across land you’re interested in.

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Pros And Cons

In most case, the price of land goes down the farther it is from developed locations and building a custom built home with your requirements becomes rather easy. You have all the room to install water catchment systems, solar panels, and even grow your own foods. Thanks to the wide open spaces, you have what it takes to enjoy vast, open views be it day or night.

On the flip side, you need to ask yourself what the roads are usually like when there is ice and snow. Could it be that you will be stuck for days, probably weeks, in case of bad weather? Work crews might find it hard to transport materials to the site consequently delaying completion of your custom built home. Travel times to and from school/work and shopping is something you also need consider.

Inquire About Home Value In The Area

Being the proud owner of a luxurious home is without doubt a rewarding experience. However, building a top dollar custom built home in a less expensive area isn’t the best of ideas. The value of your property is likely to drop and you might end up disappointed when reselling. What’s more, your bank might object your request for a construction loan.

If you have thought about owning a custom built home for a while now, this checklist will direct you to the right plot of land!