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The design of your home can affect your mood, and this is why it is important to design it for comfort and function. You want to enhance your experience in this space rather than only focusing on colors and decor. Here are 10 tips for creating a comfortable and functional home.

Start With The Layout

Your layout is the first thing you should focus on when designing your home. It is important to make sure you can move around each room. The key is to change any part of your layout that does not work in your space. This could be as minor as rearranging the furniture or as major as knocking down a wall.

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Be Practical

It is important to come up with a design that makes it easy to take care of daily chores, such as the laundry. You may not have the space to create a separate laundry area, but you can stack a washer and dryer behind a bifold door.

Make Use of Dead Space

The best way to prevent a dead space from accumulating clutter is to find a use for it. Turn the empty space by your bay window into a window seat, or place a shelf in an unused corner for picture frames and decorative pieces.

Future Needs

You can keep your space functional for a long time by thinking of your current and future needs. A kitchen island can be used for homework sessions and preparing food for years, and a separate living room can be used as a retreat from the usual traffic of the home.

Designated Storage

It is easier to organize your home when you use designated storage instead of general storage. You can designate an alcove to entertainment needs by placing a television in the recessed unit and DVDs in the concealed storage.

Balance Your Lighting

The lighting is an important part of your home design because it impacts the mood of each room. It is best to find the right balance of artificial and natural light. You can use light sources such as perimeter lighting, table and floor lamps and spotlights in your home.

Utilize Your Space

Your design should allow you to utilize the space in each room, such as the bathroom. Install the sink and toilet against the wall to hide the pipes and create more space. You can also create recessed storage with an open shelf, cabinets and lighting in the wall.

Choose Finishes Wisely

You should always choose a finish that is appropriate for a specific room. One example is the kitchen, which is usually the busiest room of your home. Tile flooring works in the kitchen because it is durable under the foot traffic, and it is easy to maintain between meals.

Layer With Color

It is important to choose a color palette that encourages you to spend time in each room. A gray and yellow palette is a great choice for balancing neutral and vibrant colors. Create a backdrop in your bedroom by painting the walls soft gray, and use accents such as a chair or throw pillows to add a layer of yellow.

Add a Personal Touch

Decorate each space with elements that reflect the personality of everyone who lives in your home. One example is using bright colors and fun patterns in the playroom.

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It is easy to create a comfortable and functional home when you rearrange your layout, utilize your space and choose the right elements.