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Alair is proud to be the most trusted construction management partner of leading architects, designers, trade experts and many other award-winning industry professionals. As an Alair client, you enjoy the benefits of unmatched expertise and unparalleled commitment to integrity, transparency and value.


There is only one way to ensure a certain outcome in construction and that is to validate every detail before you ever commit to a construction agreement. At Alair, you will know every detailed cost, have the freedom to choose all selections and decide on who will carry out every function of your project before it ever starts. Certainty is the foundation of Alair’s Client Control™ and is the reason why thousands of clients have become raving fans and overwhelmingly recommend Alair to their friends and family.


Alair is the only contractor in the world that performs every project exclusively with Client Control™ Our highly trained and certified project managers empower you with authority over your project from start to finish. As an Alair client you have 24/7 visibility to validate progress and updates while maintaining authorization rights to approve every cost and milestone. Client Control™ is the new standard in residential construction management.

Home Building & Renovation Services

in North Island

  • custom home North Island Sweet Place Service Tile
    Custom Homes

    Building a home is a huge endeavor and a large financial commitment, and we want you to know we are committed to offering high-quality craftsmanship while staying on budget and on schedule.

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  • Full Renovation North Island Edgewood3321
    Home Renovations

    Sometimes the perfect house is not so perfect at first, but completing a major renovation can make all the difference. We use only the finest materials and have the skills to create beautiful finished products. Find your dream home in the one you already own!

    Learn More
  • kitchen renovation North Island Sweet Place Service Tile
    Kitchen Renovations

    At Alair Homes North Island, we understand what it takes to make a kitchen renovation spectacular. Our dedicated team of general contractors and design professionals work one-on-one with each client, listening first in order to best understand your needs and providing expert advice and guidance to transform dreams into reality.

    Learn More
  • Basement Renovation North Island Tinybeaches Servicetile
    Basement Renovations

    Have you been dreaming of a basement you can use as a play area for your kids, a home theatre, a guest room or even a rental? Don't wait any longer.

    Learn More
  • Outdoor Living North Island Cliffcustom Servicetile
    Outdoor Living Spaces

    We take outdoor living seriously, let us help you design and create a space that you will be able to use year-round. From renovating your current patio or porch – to adding an outdoor kitchen and fireplace, Alair will give you the quality workmanship and the look that will keep you enjoying your outdoor living space.

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  • bathroom renovation North Island Marina Way Service Tile

    We will help you to design your bathroom, making it efficient, conducive to your lifestyle and beautiful too.

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Dutch Design

The beginning of this year was the first time I met with Dion & Jeff from Alair Homes North Island. As soon as we sat down I realized this was a company I would like to work with. I’m from Holland and obviously things are different there, especially when it comes to building, scheduling, budgets etc. I love how they have the transparency. Sure you can still change your mind 10 times, but you will see the ball rolling, timelines moving, and dollar amounts changing. Which means, no more surprises! During our first project together I found working with them really pleasant. They are very knowledgable, punctual and everybody was very friendly. Now I highly recommend them to any of my clients who are still looking for a contractor without having to keep my fingers crossed it will a go well, cause I just know it will!

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Jessie Burdock

I first contacted Alair Homes about renovating a house I was about to purchase. This was my first house and I hadn’t had much luck finding what I wanted in my price range, so I thought I would renovate instead. I asked if they would come and take a look at the place prior to purchase. Thankfully they did and helped me avoid buying a huge headache. Also, he came to the property with options of other homes that fit my needs based on our previous conversation. We went and checked them out, and found the perfect property for me that was in my price range. It needed some renovations, but he told me about this purchase plus program that will allow me to pay for the reno’s without draining my savings and is currently assisting me through the process. I found Alair to be very knowledgeable and I am grateful for their assistance. I am very excited to get into my new house and begin our renovations.

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