Blue is one of the most dominant colors in our world, but one not used a great deal in home improvements for kitchens. The reactions that blue engenders, like peace, calm and creativity, are positive and helpful qualities to bring into this busy and high functioning space. Whether you use it as a dominant color or use it judicially as an accent, blue could enhance your kitchen.

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A touch of blue on the floors is a good way to incorporate rate this soothing and cooling color into the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are plenty of flooring choices where blue might be an accent color in tile or vinyl flooring, and even a hue in natural wood or laminate flooring.


The beauty of painting the ceiling blue is that if you don’t like it, it’s easy and inexpensive to repaint it. Painting is one of the most effective home improvements you can make and sometimes it has a maximum effect. Putting the right hue on your ceiling or one that matches a sky’s color on a sunny Westminster day might. It might be a mood booster or give you a sense of higher ceilings if your kitchen ceiling plate is low.


You may have seen solid blue laminate countertops before and passed on their appearance. Today’s choices are much broader with the introduction of countertop materials like Corian, quartz, granite, marble, stone and even glass. You might even be able to add blue as part of the wall area behind the range or sink to make the wall surface easier to clean.


White cabinets have been popular for decades for good reasons. They make the kitchen look bigger and are easy to clean. If you’re not sure you’re ready for a kitchen with blue cabinets instead of white, why not use blue as an accent color on the door and drawer pulls. You could also use blue on the pantry doors or as the colors for a desk area.


High-end appliances makers have introduced custom colors for their appliances. You might be able to incorporate blue into the trim for an appliance, like the range hood or the dishwasher or go full-out and ask for a blue refrigerator.

Bottom Line

You and your home improvements design team can go through the product samples to get a sense of how blue might make your kitchen a more livable and enjoyable space. It is one of the most common colors in nature and bringing it indoors might add a desirable dimension to your kitchen area.